An Onahole to train with?

I am sure the people over at G-Project had a real blast when creating the latest entry in the Puni Virgin series. If shooting your load too early is a problem for you then the Puni Virgin Zero is for you. It has been created with very low stimulation, basically a bland tunnel with no sensations almost. Its purpose is to help you to train to last longer. What sounds a bit awkward maybe, can also be a lot of fun. Have you ever tried to see how long you can last with such an onahole?

While pretty much every male masturbator on this planet is made for pleasure and to let you cum fast, the Puni Virgin Zero is the opposite and this is actually quite fun. So if you have the spare cash to try out something fun then you should consider it. While its made for training, its also fun to use and still made with the great quality G-Project stands for. It even comes with cock rings in different sizes, helping you with your studies ^^

The Puni Virgin Zero is now available at otonaJP.

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