Its been a crazy few days creating content and setting up a schedual for my live streams on twitch and youtube but now that I have some time lets talk about one of the new Miku figures that just hit the shelves! Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you Cabin Attendant Hatsune Miku!

This figure is a beauty, the colors the pose and even the box it comes in. Standing at 25cm in hight Sega Toys Japan did a great job sculpting her. I took a few pictures of her because some of the promotional pictures they have of her really dont help her Shine!

The figure is light weight so if you like weight on your figures you will not get it from this Miku. The platform she stands on is buetifuly presented and clean, no smudges. The face detail is great and her expresion is cute.

For the perverts out there.

The contents in the box brings her platform she stands with, one of her arms (its detachable) and the figure it self.

I’ll give Cabin Attendant Hatsune Miku a 7/10

+ beautiful sculpt

+ great price

+ its Hatsune Miku

– light weight and might be mistaken as cheap and not a legit figure (boot leg)

– some discoloration on her head set

I also did a video review on this product over at my YouTube Channel, click here to watch.

This is defiantly one of those figures if you have a friend that likes anime and Hatsune Miku this would make a great gift. Get yours here at OtonaJP

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  1. I’ve heard of Hatsune Miku but i’ve never played any of her games before. The figure looks adorable.

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