CQX Onahole – Review

CQX Onahole by Ride - Review

CQX Onahole Review – A Hentai Male Masturbator by Ride

  • Product: CQX
  • Maker: Ride
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 150 x 70 mm / Weight – 320g
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Legend has it that they always wave goodbye with both hands, they’re incredibly polite, and that their favourite pass time is making eye contact with strangers through the gaps between toilet cubicles

All I know for sure is, they’re a Japanese sex toy company that goes by the name of Ride Japan, and they make anime waifu themed onaholes – lots of them.

The CQX (or CQ Extreme) is a recent hentai onahole made by Ride Japan.

CQX Onahole by Ride - Review

The Box

The box features a scantily clad young woman bearing her big ass with her underwear pulled tightly within her ass crack. She is wearing some kind of maid attire on her head and another thin piece on her shoulders and breasts. I don’t know what purpose this kind of clothing could possibly serve but it looks good on her.

CQX Onahole by Ride - Review

There are lots of pinks and whites on the box, and if wasn’t for the sexy girl on the front, you’d easily assume this product was meant for women. Oh well, my erections don’t really care much for colour schemes, so it doesn’t matter. 

The Onahole

The onahole is quite weighty at about 320 grams, and it is a deep pink colour. One thing I like about Ride onaholes is that they’re usually super soft and stretchy, and this one is no different. 

CQX Onahole by Ride - Review

It’s made from Ride’s Bungee material, and it can easily be bent and stretched. It’s slightly greasy as it’s covered in some sort of powder for protection as with most of their masturbators. It also has a faint smell to it but nothing too bad. 

CQX Onahole by Ride - Review

The design is quite basic. Ride don’t usually go too crazy with the exterior designs and focus more on the materials and the inner tunnel. Some tiny lips surround a chamber that contains the entrance hole within. 

CQX Onahole by Ride - Review

The inner tunnel is made up of a series of chambers and protruding, forward-facing flaps. Within some of the chambers, there are a thick nubs, and in the end chamber, there is a small protrusion that is meant to poke the end of your member as you reach the end, and add further stimulation. 

Well, that all sounds splendid in theory doesn’t it?

The Feel

I recommend using some light lube with this onahole, and nothing too thick. The feeling was quite soft for me, unfortunately, and I found myself bending and stretching the toy to feel more sensations. Luckily, the Bungee material is good for that purpose at least. 

I’m little disappointed with this toy, actually. There are Ride onaholes that offer better stimulation than this at around the same price.

I suppose if you’re quite sensitive and you’re in a need of a softer onahole, then this one ain’t too bad. 


The CQX onahole’s Bungee material is super soft and stretchy, which is nice. But, the stimulation once inside wasn’t enough for me. It’s a little dull. There are other better-feeling onaholes available for this price.

Available here



  • + Very Soft & Stretchy
  • + Easy to Clean


  • – Not Great Stimulation. Too Soft. 

Rating = 6/10

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