“Doki Doki ! Harmony ” by Tama Toys will make your heart race.

Today we are showcasing another Onahole from Tama Toys, Doki Doki ! Harmony, a Futanari parody onahole. As you can tell from the front of the box art, it shows two lovely Futas close together waiting for you to ravage them in their sexy attire.

The most interesting thing about this onahole is the end point bulge that greats you at the end of the onahole tunnel! giving that sensation of pressing your dick with another… *ehem*… dick? The onahole at first glance is simple in design and starts with an extensive tunnel of ridges. Here is how it looks from the inside!

Another interesting onahole that is defiantly on my wish list! you can get yours over at OtonaJP for only 24.11USD (a very affordable price). Click here to go to the product page!

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