Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole – Review

Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole

Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole Review – A Hentai Male Masturbator by Toys Heart

  • Product: Dosukebe Masturbate Plan (淫らなドすけべ射精計画)
  • Maker: Toys Heart   
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 165 x 70 mm / Weight – 555g
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The Dosukebe Masturbate Plan is a hentai onahole made by Toys Heart Japan. Dosukebe means pervert in Japanese, so the theme of this onahole is something like, ‘a pervert’s masturbation plan’.

Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole by Tama Toys

Judging by the art on the box, I suppose the perversion is in wanting to fuck your big-busted, voluptuous, slutty office colleague. Well, if that’s the case, then I guess the majority of straight men are perverts. 

A sexual fling with the sexy office co-worker is something that most men have probably dreamt about at some point, and it’s a long-standing theme in porn, so I’m actually surprised there aren’t more sex toys such as this one. Maybe this is the start of a new trend amongst Japanese onaholes and a break away from the usual hentai anime or young virgin themes?

The Box

The box features a young woman who is an office worker and happens to have the biggest tits I’ve ever seen on a male masturbator box other than that of actual breast toys. She’s wearing sexy business attire such as a tight shirt, short skirt and black stockings.

Based on your sexy, huge-tittied office colleague (you wish)

The design is quite nice visually with some interesting bright kanji characters on a black background. If you’re a fan or collector of sex toy boxes, this one seems like it’d be an excellent addition.

The Onahole

The onahole is quite weighty at 555 grams, so it feels good to hold. Weight is always a nice positive in my eyes compared to a small weightless toy – Weight gives you something to hold on to and to pound against if you want to place it on your bed or a desk etc.

555 grams

The outside of the onahole is quite smooth and plain, and it’s a soft pink skin-like colour. Not the most visually appealing toy I’ve cum across. There are some nice and welcoming lips that surround the entrance hole, though. The toy is quite squeezy, flexible, and reasonably stretchy so it’s fun to hold and play with. 

The lips are nice
Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole
I don’t get it, are they ass cheeks, thighs, thumbs, testicles?

There are two protrusions on the bottom of the toy that I think are meant to resemble butt cheeks, but they’re a rather strange shape – Like she has a saggy ass or something, but I suppose they’re better than nothing, and they do add some pound to your ball bags when you’re smashing away, so yeah.

The Feel

The inner structure of this toy is a complicated and random assortment of bumps, rings, ridges and all sorts of exciting protrusions. The tunnel features some curves too, rather than a plain straight tube. 

Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole
The inner tunnel has some superb structure

Toys Heart claim (on the box) that this onahole feels better than the real thing. Well, the feel of a real vagina is hard to surpassed in my opinion (although I’m hoping for a toy that does), but this onahole comes fairly close in terms of stimulation.

As you push in, you get to watch the onahole entrance and the lips cave in on themselves as they attempt to envelop your shaft, and then suddenly they spring back to the front to devour your member completely. Wonderful!

Dosukebe Masturbate Plan Onahole

The rather dull outer design isn’t too bad, because once you lube it up, create a vacuum and slip your cock within and start pumping away, the stimulation is great. The tunnel is snug, and the curves help force all those bumps onto your shaft so that the sensations come from all angles. 


The Dosukebe Masturbate Plan onahole provides some delightful perverted office-slut sensations for you and your penis. 

The exterior design is quite basic – But the inner tunnel feels very good, the lips are nice, it has some sturdiness, and it’s not too expensive considering the weight and quality of the material. I like it!

I guess I really am a pervert.

Available here

Dosukebe Masturbate Plan


  • + Weighty With Good Soft & Stretchy Material
  • + Great Stimulation
  • + Seems Sturdy Enough


  • – Quite a basic Outer Design

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