Explore the forbidden zone with Puni Suke WOMB

If you’ve even come remotely close to hentai of any kind (any), you’re probably aware of the fascinating obsession with womb penetration. This is typically accompanied by classic dialogue such as “oh no, you are in my womb”, “I’ll get you 140% pregnant now” or “exclamation mark”.

And sure, why not. Have you seen the cervix? I kind of hope not in real life at least, but that’s an impossible idea to entertain with a penis. Perfect for hentai.

There have been a few onaholes released over the years which end with a faux-cervix, but nothing completely focusing on straight up fucking a womb. Enter PPP’s Puni Suke WOMB (literally), a new onahole which hopes to recreate dangerous baby makin’ territory.

Look, she’s even tattooed the target! How thoughtful.

In an effort to actually fulfil the fantasy, Puni Suke WOMB starts off with an incredibly tight tunnel and doesn’t let up until you’ve successfully forced your way through to the end. It promises a challenge, which is pretty much what you’d expect!

Puni Suke WOMB out now.

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