Former AKB48 Member Marie Watanabe, Making Fanboy Dreams come True?

There are rumors going around that a former AKB48 member called Marie Watanabe use to do a little bit of amateur porn back in the days, again this is only speculation. Marie only participated in two theater performances during her time as an AKB member, so it could be hard to know who she is if you do not keep up with the Idol world in Japan. so apparently she was identified in an  armature porn film (professionally made) by her distinctive fingernail art.

The 27 year old Miss Watanabe as of present day isnt with AKB48 but working with a modeling agency affiliated with Dokumo Cafe as a reader model. This rumor might not affect AKB’s reputation since she is no longer in the group and the “pron film” happen post AKB. However, if true, it will highlight the flaws within the Idol recurring process.

here are some more pictures of said film.



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  1. I’m not that familiar with the Japanese pop idol scene but i have heard that band’s name before.
    Shes gorgeous. Will definitely try to seek this adult film out. It looks hot regardless of whether its really her or not. lol

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