G-19 Secret Uterus – Review

G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole Review

G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole Review – An Uterus-Fetish Male Masturbator by Toys Heart

  • Product:  G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole
  • Sku: G-19 シークレットウテルス
  • Maker: Toys Heart
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 160 x 68mm / Weight – 337g
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Loosen your belt buckles (or untie the strings on your tracksuit bottoms) and awaken your womb raider from its slumber – assuming it’s not already awake – because we are about to embark on a quest for a fabled uterus. But not just any old uterus, no, this is a “secret uterus”!

G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole Review
G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole by Toys Heart

The G-19 Secret Uterus is a hentai onahole made by Toys Heart (who else?) that lets you fulfil your forbidden womb-penetration fantasies. 

I have no idea what the G-19 part of the name is about. Maybe it’s to reference that this is the secret uterus of a 19-year-old girl, or maybe this is just a handgun that looks like a rubber pussy. Who knows?

The Box

The box is alright. It features a cute and voluptuous young-looking girl running around on a beach. I guess Toys Heart are going for the innocent and unassuming look with this girl. She’s drawn in the same style as many of the other Toy’s heart characters, which ain’t a bad thing.

There are also a few images of the innards of the onahole that resemble, as you might have guessed, an uterus. 

The box points out the location of two “secret” parts of the uterus within, so not much of a secret after all then. 

Inside the box, the onahole comes in a plastic tray for protection along with a 20ml bottle of standard lube that should be sufficient for a few uses.

The Onahole

Visually, the G-19 Secret Uterus is meh. It looks pretty much the same as every other Toys Heart onahole. It’s smooth and rounded at the ends and it’s the standard soft pink colour.

The only noteworthy thing worth pointing out on the looks of this toy is the inviting lips that surround the entrance hole. 

G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole Review

There is a small chamber behind the entrance hole, and behind that is a ribbed tunnel. Further within, at the back of the ribbed tunnel is where your dick will discover another small chamber and the secret uterus that lies within. 

This uterus consists of a tight elastic ring entrance that is the “secret 1” shown on the back of the box. This ring is intended to wrap around and grip your cock as you slide in and out. 

G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole Review

Behind the ring, you will encounter the 2nd “secret” shown on the box. This is an uterus-shaped chamber that consists of a series of fleshy bumps. This chamber not only replicates a womb but also helps create some vacuum suction and also provides a nice cosy play to dump your jizz deposits without fear of them sprouting into an actual fetus.

The feel of the outer material is good, being soft, stretchy and seemingly durable. Toys Heart usually gets this right at least. 

The Feel

The feeling of the G-19 Secret Uterus is alright. Average even. 

The first half of the tunnel provides some stimulation but then the uterus entrance and chamber towards the end is tight and provides a bit more. 

Toys Heart Onahole

But, it’s a little frustrating getting in and I’m only average-sized. If you have a thick girth penis it might be more of a problem. If the toy had like an extra inch to it at the uterus part, it would be great because you could just stay buried within the uterus and let that tight ring work its magic. 

G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole Review

The vacuum is nice though and the sensations aren’t too bad. I’ve managed to use this toy to cum a few times now effectively. But it could have been better.  


The uterus chamber design along with the other chambers make this toy a little difficult to clean. Some kind of stick cleaning device is recommended as using just your finger to swirl it all around won’t suffice in cleaning all those crevices and crannies deep within. 

However, this toy is durable though and made from good materials so you can be confident when cleaning it or fucking it. 

The concept of womb fucking is nice for a toy. Unfortunately, this one just missed the mark here though. This isn’t a bad onahole at all. I just think they missed an opportunity to do something special – It was close. 

The G-19 Secret Uterus is available here.

The G-19 Secret Uterus Onahole


  • + Nice concept
  • + Bottle of Lube
  • + Good stimulation (if you have a slim girth)


  • – The Uterus entrance is a little tight
  • – Difficult to clean without the proper tools

Rating 7/10

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