Japanese Pornstar Collection – Fuwa Man Ian Hanasaki, IT’S LIKE SHE IS REALLY THERE!

Welcome back to another onahole review, where I basically give you my opinions on how the product feels after a week of usage and then let you know if its worth your money! Today we will talk about The Japanese Pornstar Collection – Fuwa Man Ian Hanasaki by NPG.  As you know by now, I did review this product on my YouTube Channel and I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of the packaging and the presentation of the onahole as you unbox it. the model selection for this product was a right choice, imagining Ian Hanasaki riding you till dawn sure make for a long fap sessions and this onahole sure helps with that. It emulates a real vagina pretty well, specially if you use a USB onahole warmer before your sessions.

I’ll be honest with you, the moment I got the onahole out of its packaging I was extremely concern about how I would be able to use it because it is soft and kind of floppy. It has a nice weight to it and the detail on the onahole itself is spot on (the pussy and the anus). I’ve use this during Video Chat sex and it helps my partner on the other side get off while I emulate eating her out with this toy, its so useful because of the detail and realism.

I get off by eating pussy alone…


Lets get to the fapping, The stimulation is good however the handling is kind of off sometimes but it was not too much of an issue as you get things going and find a good rhythm while you fap. I did get scared at times thinking I would brake the onahole because my dick tend to poke out and cause a mound to form on the top of the masturbator due to the soft material used to make this product. Post cum stimulation is great, specially when you go at a slower pace. The anus was the hole I didn’t use much during my sessions due to the fact that the product is so soft, I felt the stimulation was lacking on that side. This seems to be the case for duo hole onaholes I’ve used, guess they have not perfected the design. Cleaning is a bitch however! its hard to clean this onahole unless you have a onahole cleaning kit which you can get here in Otonajp if you dont know what you looking for. other that that I didn’t find anything that was bad in this onaholes design.

After using the onahole.

I GIVE Fuwa Man Ian Hanasaki BY NPG A 9/10

+ Great stimulation

+ product quality and presentation

+ emulates the female genitals well.

+ its base on sexy JAV star Ian Hanasaki

– anus holes is not great

– cleaning is annoying

You can get your Fuwa Man Ian Hanasaki by NPG here in the OtonaJP shop!

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