Love Shoot Hole reminds us that you just need a weird cover to succeed

Each year there are countless onaholes released straight into the depths of Japan’s sex store bargain bins. These products are dirt cheap, usually a slight step above one-time disposables (unless they instantly break) and tend to launch with absolutely no fanfare.

Usually you’ll see them using a random model’s photo on the box, or even just plain text and a quick shot of the product. Boring stuff doomed to obscurity. If they don’t sell, companies will repackage them as something entirely new and repeat the process.

Then Love Shoot Hole came out.

With its artwork about a girl firing a bazooka that looks like it stepped out of Newgrounds flash animation from 1999, Love Shoot Hole quickly became a laughing stock just for how absurd it was.

For all intentions the actual onahole is apparently complete shit (no surprise), but that didn’t matter. The short-lived surge of demand must have taken Toys Sakai by surprise, as Love Shoot Hole sold out on Amazon during its first week. Now weeks later – after third party sellers jacked the price up as if it were a Famicom Mini – Toys Sakai have only just shipped more out.

They’ll probably never shift that second shipment now as the novelty since passed, but hey.

One can only imagine what their next budget release will look like.

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