Milking Hole Series is here and ready to eat your seed!

Looks like there is another series themed onahole set out!, this one is by DNA Japan. this set brings 4 different onaholes into the mix all with their own unique stimulation. Lets meet the 4 girls!

Check out the series over at OtonaJP! 

Milking Hole WA

Wa is one of the less impressive holes in the series but It still does its job which is milking you out! it comes with 3 cylinder flaps that grasp your meat. another thing i noticed in these onaholes there is a womb like whole at the end of the masturbator.

Milking Hole Tsubu

Tsubu comes equip with 2 tightening holes with in the onahole. and at the end 2 bulge out bumps to produces some pressure when your thrust in.

Milking Hole Nejiri

Nejiri along with a spiral like cylinder stimulation it also brings pressure points that even enhances the stimulation as you pres on the onahole.

Milking Hole Himo

and finally the most interesting onaholes of all the series is Himo with its spiral like object at the start of the onahole entrance adding pressure and extra stimulation at the start and one you pass that section you can enjoy the empty spaces of Himo’s wonderful fringes and cervix hole.

Honestly out of all the onaholes I have to say Himo is my favorite from what I’ve seen. These onaholes themes seem to be pressure inducing stimulation and causing you to pull out more cum than the norm with the pressure build up within the onahole. what are your thoughts? let me know down in the comments.



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