“Onagatcha Special” by Mate, Onahole Lootboxes?

Have you ever wanted to open a onahole box and just get 3 random onaholes by Mate? well now you can! Presenting Onagatcha Special, very similar to Onahole Dropout by TamaToys which bring 2 random onaholes. THIS ONE BRINGS 3, how you like them apples TamaToys? Mate just one up them!

Very awesome and the price isn’t bad, 3 for the price of one! HELL maybe even less than one, OtonaJP is selling these baby’s for about 7.53 USD per box. Click here to get yours! Will you be picking up a box? be sure to let me know what you get down in the comment below, also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter we post new blogs every day or as often as we can to stay up to date with the latest in Japanese sex toys!

1 thought on ““Onagatcha Special” by Mate, Onahole Lootboxes?”

  1. I really like the idea of 3 random onaholes at a low price, so i think i will get this. Hopefully they each last more than one fap session. lol

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