Otonajp is Now Shipping From Europe!

Otonajp now shipping from Europe!
Otonajp now shipping from Europe!

Rejoice! We have special news for all you onahole fanatics in Europe. Otonajp is now shipping directly from their new warehouse in Germany!

Why should you care?

Up until now, there has only been Motsu Toys who have been consistently supplying Japanese toys to European customers; so you had to use them, Amazon, or buy directly from a company in Japan. This resulted in often paying more for your toys – due to import charges, and little competition from suppliers – or often paying high shipping costs, and import/customs fees for shipping from Japan.

This is why Otonajp’s new European warehouse is terrific news for those us in Europe and the onahole community in general. 

Otonajp now shipping from Europe!
Otonajp now shipping from Europe!

Otonajp has always been competitive with their prices. Ignore the shipping costs of ordering from Japan, and they’re often the cheapest available. 

Otonajp in Europe

Well, now that they have a warehouse in Europe, we get the benefits of these low prices and also save on delivery costs! And that ultimately means we have more money to spend on plastic pussies. Hallelujah!

Another plus of Otonajp’s European warehouse is that we can now avoid customs fees and checks. No more surprise costs on top of what you’ve already paid to get your shipment cleared. And no more trips to the customs office to explain why the package addressed to you contains lewd images of rather young looking anime girls displaying erotic parts and touching themselves inappropriately. 

No more explaining the flat-chested tits, the penis enlarger, the 16-inch monster cock, the mother’s breast milk lube, the prison pee lotion, and the underwear with the accompanying scent of a schoolgirl’s armpit (Yes, these items are all available from Otonajp). I’ve been praying for this day for a long time!

And ultimately, a European warehouse means quick delivery times for your orders. Japan is a long way away; it takes time to ship things from there. Now, with orders shipping directly from within Europe, you could have your items in a matter of days instead of the week or more that it usually takes to arrive from Japan. 

All of this is absolutely fantastic news for any European onahole connoisseur like myself. With Otonajp now shipping from Europe, our choice, cost, waiting-time and convenience have all just improved immensely. 

Now go forth and wank!

Otonajp European store

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