It’s here guys, get your wallets ready because in this post I picked out MY top 5 onaholes YOU SHOULD GET, taking advantage of their 12% discount ending by June 30th 2018 so DON’T WAIT!

let’s get the shopping going!

Number 1

Meiki Onahole “Meiki 011 Takahashi Shoko” by NPG

It wouldn’t be a Rozzy list without including an NPG product of the sexy Shoko Takahashi

This Onahole we did cover it on an older post here at OnaholeBlog.com, full details here.


Number 2

“Marugoto Maoman 100% Real Hamasaki Mao ” by NPG

Another great onahole I’ve been keeping my eyes on for a while, this one has a very realistic look inside of it. The onahole in itself a defiant must have on your collection! did I mention its one of the top rated onahole on the market?

Number 3

SUJIMAN Ikappara Girl

Picture from blog.onahole.eu

This one is a bit on the pricier side however, with the discount you are only getting that much value out of such a high quality hip onahole, and its a loli parody (if you are into that). You can even put on some nice panties to compliment it!

Number 4

Onahole Based on Japanese AV Star “Uehara Ai + Onahole” by EXE

Live a bit in the wild side with this JAV parody Blind box onahole, the design is a mystery, but that is whats fun about it!

Number 5

Anime Style Onahole “The Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verita)” by Magic Eyes

One of the highest rated BlowJob onaholes out in the market today this is a must buy if you didn’t like the other recommendations.

Well there you have it my top 5 must buy products on OtonaJP, don’t miss out on this deal, it end June 30th 2018!


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