“PUNI BODY ECSTASY” by Toys Heart, a body to fall in love with!

Toys Heart is pushing the bar again bring us a very detailed design in terms of presentation but can It rival ExE Puni versions of onahole we reviewed in the past here at OnaholeBlog.com? Presenting PUNI BODY ECSTASY!

to be honest, the outside of the onahole looks great however, the inside is very underwhelming with nothing new to offer in stimulation. and since its more of a 20$+ price point. You’d expect with the past onholes we reviewed, Toys Heart would step up their game and show us something worth the price.¬† I want to like this onehole but its not very inviting, I just think this was a miss opportunity by Toys Heart.

The overall outside design is very sexy with a loli vibe going to it but that’s all it has going for it.

You can Buy PUNI BODY ECSTASY by Toys Heart over at OtonaJP it will cost you around 26$USD


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