R18 Onahole – Review

R18 Onahole Review – A Teen Themed Male Masturbator by Toys Heart

  • Product:  R18 Onahole
  • Maker: Toys Heart
  • Measurements: Weight: 303 Grams / Dimensions: 150 x 60 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Imagine a cute, voluptuous, sexually-curious, eighteen-year-old Japanese beauty with a tight pussy and limited sexual experience. 

Well, the new R18 Onahole by Toys Heart is basically her in the form of a rubber pussy. And what a rubber pussy it is!

The R18 is the latest addition, and basically, the “younger” version of Toys Hearts range of popular male masturbators based on young Japanese girls – the other’s being the twenty-year-old-themed R20, the R20 Third, and the R20 Puni

The R18 is the only eighteen-year-old themed onahole released by Toys Heart as of yet. It is similar to the R20 range but aims to offer a different stimulation with a new take on the tunnel design. 

The Box

The box features a cute eighteen-year-old girl with huge tits and THICC hips and thighs. She’s also wearing a short skirt and sexy thigh-high black stockings. This is actually one of my favourite box artworks and definitely gets me excited about what lies within. There’s a fine balance between her looking innocent, and being a sex-obsessed minx who’s pretty much down for anything. 

R18 Onahole by Toys Heart Review
R18 Onahole by Toys Heart

Inside the box, the onahole comes in a plastic bag with a small pouch of standard lube.

The Onahole

As with most Toys Heart onaholes, the exterior design is rather basic. It’s smooth with a few grooves that make up a grip for easier handling. The entrance hole is also basic with just a plain circle and nothing noteworthy visually. 

Toys Hearts philosophy seems to be to focus on the tunnel of their toys and te experience it provides rather than the exterior design. If you don’t care too much for what the onahole looks like and prioritise feeling then this isn’t an issue. If you’re a very visual person who likes to observe camel-toes, pussy lips, assholes or any other visual gimmicks as they interact with your cock as you use the toy, then Toys Hearts’ toys are generally not for you. 

The inside of the R18 Onahole, however, is visually appealing, even if it doesn’t mean to be. It just looks crazy, in a good way, with all sort of stuff going on inside. 

R18 Onahole by Toys Heart Review

The material of the R18 is soft and stretchy and is made from Toys Hearts “Safe skin”. Not exactly sure what the difference is between Safe Skin and other materials they use, to be honest, but it feels quite nice and durable. 

This R18 onahole and the R20 series are appealing because they offer a sort of 360° design with different textures and protrusions along each part of the tunnel. The result is lots of stimulation and a slightly different sensation felt along with your cock depending on what angle you have it at when you enter it. This is great for changing things up mid-session or even resulting in a faster climax if you find a particularly stimulating part along the right portion of your cock.

R18 Onahole by Toys Heart Review

The bottom half of the R18’s tunnel is a series of soft thick bumps in varying sizes, while the top half features four thick nubs about halfway in. Towards the back of the tunnel, there is a large chamber that makes up her womb, in which there is another large cone-like protrusion at the very back that is in the shape of a love heart. This protrusion is meant to stimulate the head of your cock as you push all the way in. 

The Feel

The feeling of R18 is very good. The basic outer design matters not for me personally when it delivers this kind of stimulation. The small round hole even offers a nice sensation with a somewhat tight squeeze – but it’s the inner tunnel textures that really deliver. There is just so much going on in there and it’s great to twist the toy and explore to get different feelings. 

As mentioned earlier, you can find your preferred point of entry for maximum stimulation for cum-quickly results, or find a less stimulating but still satisfying entry point for a longer session. It’s very fun and the fact that you can get such a varied range from just one toy is perfect. 

R18 Onahole by Toys Heart Review

The love-shaped heart protrusion at the end also does its job as it pokes and prods the tip of your head. The chamber also builds up a nice vacuum once you’ve squeezed all the excess air out and keeps all of them inner textures nice and snugly wrapped around your shaft. 

While it’s not quite a realistic sensation, the experience is very enjoyable and delivers the fantasy of fucking a curvy teen quite well. 


I pretty much love everything about this toy. The box, the theme, the feel – it’s all very good. The exterior is basic in design but that’s not an issue for me personally – I’d use a torso or hip based toy if I wanted visual stimulation. 

The only slightly negative thing I could say about this onahole if I had to is that it’s a little on the expensive side for its price-to-weight ratio. It weighs 303 grams and is 15cm in length so it’s a small size toy, but it delivers an impressive amount of varied stimulation in that small size. And the build quality is high so it should have a long life providing you take care of it – so the price is really not bad at all when you consider these factors. 

The R18 Onahole is available here.


  • + Awesome stimulation
  • + Delivers a lot of variety in stimulation by simply spinning the toy to another angle


  • – A higher-price range toy compared to others of the same size

Rating 9/10

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