Retailer otonaJP introduces Reward System otonaPoints !

Japanese Adult Toys retailer otonaJP is widely known for brining fresh ideas to the market as their recently introduced Daily Deal for example. They have now taken it to the next level with the introduction of the otonaPoints Reward System. So basically otonaPoints are just as Bonus Points programs on other sites for but for an international shipping adult toy retailer of Japanese Sex Toys this is a first timer as ToyDemon from the US mostly focuses on the local US market.

Besides each product on otonaJP´s website you can se how many points you get for buying this specific product. Each points is worth 1 Yen, so 100 points are equal to about 1 USD. Since you get 3 points for each 100 Yen spend, those points are collected pretty fast and otonaJP offers the cool option to keep you points as long as you want as they never expire. So you can save up for about anything you can think of or use your points every time to get immediate discount  every time you purchase. As on the screenshot below, beside the little piggy bank you are shown how many points you can earn by purchasing a product.


Looking at that screenshot you might have noticed that you will also be rewarded with points for writing a review. Share your thoughts with others and get earn 30 points, not too bad really.

If yo want to learn more about their program you can check out the info in here. Getting a constant reward just saves you more money, even otonaJP has already the best prices around the web.

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