Say Bye-Bye to Oppai on Steam! Valve is Removing Big Named Adult Games!

Where you saving money to get the full Nekopara series on your steam library? Well kiss that dream good bye since now Steam is taking a stronger stance against adult rated games on their platform. Not only NekoWorks is getting targeted, even The Huniepop development team are being told that their game will be taken down if they don’t remove the adult elements in the game. What is happening to you Steam? you where the big brother we looked up to, since when you started to promote censorship?

Here are the tweets that got the most attention.

don’t fall pray!

Of course a lot of people where upset with what was happening over at Valve and the people in charge of the TOS from Steam. to be fair their policy has been there for a while, but now they are enforcing it more even on the games that has made them money!?


Even the well know anime YouTuber Lost Pause AKA Noble, who has been attacked by this type of censorship by YouTube, had a few things to add to the whole controversy of steams new enforcement on “fan service” type games.

others speak out

Some of the things don’t add up to why steam is enforcing their policy even more to these games, specially the anime based games (EROGE VN). You have games like GTAV (Grand Theft Auto 5) and others like it that are none anime related and show tits and other adult related imagery. Those games are not being taken down, is it favoritism within the industry? who can make the most money? I’ve used steam for a very long time and the fact to see them censuring creators and limiting them to where they can sell and show their art is a poor look for them. Steam is a lucrative company with smart people behind the wheel and the fact that they do not broaden their audience and categories to supply such content like adult visual novels is a flaw with growing their business and vision.

However, not everything is bleak, Fakku! one of the most popular sites for uncensored manga and anime adult games has open its doors to all adult game creators to sale their game through their platform.

and of course the memes started to spawn…

what do you think of the sudden changed steam has towards adult visual novels? leave it in the comments below! I do Hope Steam reconsider and takes another look at their TOS and make it a friendly-er place to express ones art through video games without censorship, because at the end of the day, sex sales…

There is even a petition going on right now to convince steam that what its doing is worng to developers and artists

Say no to censorship of anime Oppai!

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  1. I hate how Steam is doing this all of a sudden. If they are really that worried about content being viewed by minors, they just need to make a ‘redlight’ mature site for content that will be blocked by parental controls.

    I’m sick of the rest of us having to suffer because parents can’t regulate their own kids. 🙁

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