Scaled Doll “Love Venus S” by A-One,The Onahole Pillow of your dreams!!!

I thought I have seen everything, But the Japanese sex factory keep surprising me everyday! Introducing “Love Venus S” by A-One. Honestly for it to be a pillow type sex toy the way its design resembles a female waist and pubic areas very well. I do have to admit the vagina “hole” is kind of big but what can you expect from this type of product! Here are a few pics of the model. 

The Doll makes a great decoration if you dress her to your kink.

I wouldn’t recommend finishing inside this product because I don’t know how hard the cleaning would be for it.

Honestly I cant wait to get my hands on it for the fact that is kind of a unique item and A-One did a very job well done design it as well. The camel toe is a very nice touch! I do know that A-One has produced a few other doll type sex toys but this one is a good start for those who want to try out fabric vs rubber. Here are more of A-One Product examples.

You can get your “Love Venus-S” over at OtonaJP for only 123.00 USD click here to check it out!

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