Tama Toys released Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Parody Onahole

Recently parody onaholes are a thing and they had been already for a while. Some very popular are coming into my mind with the Marshma Road series from A-One which was based on actual Final fantasy characters. But instead of Lightning, Tifa and Yuna we got Shine, Tiana and Yuuno. While the onaholes sad to be of poor quality, they been popular ever since, simply cause they are based on something widely know in otaku culture.

Look at them :) Shine, Tiana and Yuuno in peaceful coexistence.
Look at them 🙂 Shine, Tiana and Yuuno in peaceful coexistence.

But enough with Game Heroines of the old days. Its 2016 and Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World is a very popular Manga and Anime in Japan with over 1,5 Million sold copies. And as we know that Tama Toys is releasing tons of stuff every month and much it is crazy they also couldn´t hold onto themself to release the Re: Sex start a Pseudo-sexual intercourse from hole.

Quality wise we are looking at nothing else than a standard onahole but the connection with a popular Anime might gives it just the little extra its needing to be noticed in the ocean of new onaholes releasing every months in Japan. Have a look at our screenshots below. So far only otonaJP carries Re: Sex start a Pseudo-sexual intercourse from hole but other retailers might follow up.

re_sex_start_a_pseudo-sexual_intercourse_from_hole re_sex_start_a_pseudo-sexual_intercourse_from_hole-2 re_sex_start_a_pseudo-sexual_intercourse_from_hole-3

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