The only wife you will need, “La vie en ROSES CRYSTAL HARD” by Magic Eyes

The wedding bells are ringing for the new Magic Eye’s Onahole Roses Crystal Hard and you can get yours over at OtonaJP! This is the 2nd clear/transparent onahole that has been featured here at and this one actually looks a little more decent compared to the MONSTER ONAHOLE  we showcased.

This onahole comes at a very decent size and weights about 700g. You can see its internal structure due to the transparent material that makes up the onaholes frame. It has two holes (anal and vagina hole) and they both merge into one large spiral hole and at the end a bulged to increase internal pressure giving you the nice sucking feeling.

One of my biggest concerns for this onahole is how sensitive is it and how much resistance does it have in terms of pines size. I do like that the Vagina hole, does look big enough but the anal hole is barely visible, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a gaping asshole on my onaholes but make it have more resistance for different sizes of dicks!

You can get your Bride for only 31 USD over at OtonaJP!




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