WANT TO FUCK YOUR FAVORITE ANIME WAIFU?! Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA by Tama Toys is for you!

This is Honestly on my hype list of items over at OtonaJP! The insert air pillow Futamata and you can buy beautifully drawn anime girls to put on your Futamata Air Pillow.

here is the design

and how to use it…

So far OtonaJP has 2 covers you can get for your pillow Lolicept and Yukino

Very simple to use sex toy, just slip in your favorite onahole and get a fuck’n to achieve your dreams of fucking an anime girl on your bed, then just rubbing one directly on your very expensive Dakimakura

they are at a very reasonable price over at OtonaJP. cover going close to 40 USD and the pillow itself about 25 US.

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