“Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD” by Magic Eyes looks like an onahole from another world.

I’ve seen some ugly onaholes, but I think this one really takes the cake, i mean I guess that goes with saying it comes with the name Monster! Presenting Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei by Magic Eyes. This is very odd for Magic Eyes to make such a ugly onahole, most of their products are really spot on in terms of aesthetics. Maybe I am being a bit to harsh to the product and not taking into consideration how beautiful it actually looks inside with all the detailed stimulants.

As obviously seen, its made with a clear material and inside you can see the simulated vagina hole. It is well detailed and has a nice color to it as well. its a bit more stiffer than its previous model which isn’t made of a clear material.

The box bring even a small lube bottle with the onahole.

You can get your Monster Onahole here at OtonaJP.

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