A Fallout Sex Toy? Review of the Vault 69 Onahole by otonaJP

I do not think I need to tell anyone this but unless you are living under a rock, the huge success of the amazon Fallout series has been something that Geeks and Movie fans have been talking about for the past months. While Fallout certainly is not a new series and even the last video game in the main series is nearly 10 years old, there is a huge hype around it now, thanks to the amazon series.

Why I am talking about this here, in an Onahole review? Simple, the Vault 69 is clearly a Fallout parody sex toy masturbator for those who haven’t seen the VERY obvious signs. While I could tell straight away that the box and design as well as the idea itself are awesome, this is a review after all and we want to take Lucy…..I mean the Vault 69 Onahole to a test.

The Review sample of the Vault 69 Onahole by otonaJP was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

I have to say it straight away, the box design of the Vault 69 masturbator is fantastic. The artwork is of high quality and upon opening the lid of the box, a second cover is revealed, showing the main character topless. This is the first time I saw such a box from otonaJP and there are very few toy brands who put that much care into their products and box designs. Well done.

The Vault 69 packaging is also full of little hints at the amazon series such as, “My reproductive organs are intact” or Lucy’s famous “Okey dokey” quote.

Upon opening the box we are finding the Vault 69 Onahole itself, in a shiny Fallout blue. Beside this, we also get a pouch of lubricant and again a dry stick and Cleaning stick. Since a while, this seems to be a regular with otonaJP’s own products and I can not mention enough how valuable they are. A dry stick alone often goes for $10 or so, making the Vault 69 Onahole definitely a good deal.

Also, on a side note here but otonaJP has a cool little promo video on the product page for the Vault 69 and I think that this is really worth checking out.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

The Vault 69 Onahole is very…..blue. I personally love that they did something colorful here as I feel that a simple skin colored Onahole would not do the idea justice enough. As you can see on the photo as well, the Vault 69 is a good handful and I myself have quite large hands.

The weight comes in at 320g (0.71lbs) and the length is not too bad either at 153mm (6.02in). Upon a first look, I felt the Vault 69 to be very stretchy and smooth. I also did not notice any oil or weird smell when opening it, which is definitely a plus.

The entrance is rather simple designed in a round shape but this is something that I like. Usually those also tend to not tear so easy, which is for sure a good design choice. I also think that something realistic would look honestly weird on the Vault 69 Onahole, so I am happy with it.

Using the Vault 69 Onahole I noticed a few things. Firstly, it feels good in your hand due to the smooth surface. Next, lets talk about the internals as this is what really matters. While from the photo I thought that the internal structure is rather simple, the stimulation and intensity honestly caught me off guard a bit. Grabbing the Vault 69 tight to create a vacuum is really fun and soon I found myself stroking hard and harder. I felt that specially those dots on the inside gave me a nice stimulation and it is really enjoyable to feel them kinda massaging and rubbing on your shaft. Very pleasing.

Cleaning is super easy, perhaps one of the easiest I had in a while and the included cleaning sponge is even making it easier. Super beginner friendly. When it comes to durability, I can say that I got my review sample already about 2 weeks ago ahead of launch and I had no issues so far. The Vault 69 is holding up great.

Our Conclusion

What makes a good Onahole? Good stimulation, a good story, nice packaging and more? I think the Vault 69 has it all and so far, specially when it comes to presentation I think that this Fallout themed sex toy, the Vault 69 Onahole is a must have for all Fallout fans for sure and for everyone else, definitely worth checking out.

Rating 10/10

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