Review of the Bote Bara DX Onahole by Hatopla

Today we got a BIG one, the new Bote Bara DX by Hatopla. Who the hell is Hatopla you may now ask yourself…..never heard of them. Well the reason for this is that it is a new brand. From the looks of the Bote Bara DX, it feels like a classical EXE item and so I reached out to otonaJP who also send me the review item and they explained me that Hatopla is a new brand which will over time combine EXE, G-Project and PPP who seems to be from the same group of companies. Did not know that so far.

That being out of the way, the Bote Bara DX feels like the pregnant version of the famous Puni Ana DX series, so without further ado, lets get going with the review.

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Box, Packaging and presentation

The package of the Bote Bara DX is pretty massive. Looking at the weight of the Onahole, I kinda expected it to be smaller but this were just my personal thoughts. It definitely looks impressive and is designed very nicely. The illustration artwork is done my maruku who has worked on many many Onahole box designs and is responsible for the complete Puni Ana series as well as otonaJP’s mascot Coco.

Opening it up, the Bote Bara DX is well packed inside with a high quality plastic blister which protects the item well. There are blisters that are made of thin plastic and break easily, therefor damage the item but this one here is surely on the better side. With it, we get a small pack of lubricant and nothing else.

To be honest, with an item this big and expensive as the Bote Bara DX masturbator, it would have been nice to get some stickers, a postcard, or anything else that justifies the premium price tag and maybe enhances the experience. I know that most Onaholes do not have that but for me it is always disappointing in some way to opening up such an expensive and large item and then find nothing in the box but the Onahole and some lube. I think that the Onahole industry could learn from Gaming here for example, where add ons or goodies are more common, but enough of my little rant 🙂

The Onahole and it’s feeling

If you haven’t realised by now, the Bote Bara DX is a mini torso or Hip Onahole that plays into the fantasy of banging a pregnant girl, and in the case of the Bote Bara DX Onahole that is, a pretty young one.

The modelling and design is gorgeous and if this fetish is up your alley, then you are really in for a treat. The weight is pretty nice and solid with 4000g (8.82lbs) and the dimensions not too bad either with 240mm (9.45in) in length and 185mm (7.28in) in width.

The surface, the skin of the Bota Bara DX feels very smooth and I did not notice and smell or oil on the material itself. The belly definitely feels more firm than the rest of the Bote Bara DX Onahole which adds to the realism and is a nice touch. The body is scary realistic designed after a surely young pregnant women.

To be expected from an Onahole this size, the Bote Bara DX has two Holes, Vaginal and Anal. Before describing any further, I can say that both are pretty damn tight and the experience using specially the Anal hole comes very close to what I would imagine it must be to bang a girl like this.

While the Anal Hole on the inside itself does not have a second layer as you can also see on the pictures of the box, the Vaginal Hole has and perhaps it was done to give it a slightly different feeling. As mentioned, both are tight and for me it was hard to feel too much of a difference between the two, even though I feel that I enjoyed the Pussy hole a bit more.

The Bote Bara DX being such a big item, it is surprisingly easy to handle and switching to various positions is easy. Big part for me also played the box art which really takes this to another level. I also had a great time watching some nice pregnant girl Hentai porn.

When it comes to durability I have to say that due to the tightness of the entrance, this might be an issue that could arise in the future but so far, after about 3 weeks of use, I had no problems yet. Cleaning however is a bit tricky due to the tightness and I had the best results washing it under the shower. Due to the length of the tunnel, regular sponge sticks or similar stuff is just not cutting it here.

Our Conclusion

I think that seeing how few pregnant fetish Onahole’s exist, specially in this large size, shows that this is most likely a niche market within the Onahole world. That being said, if you have a thing for pregnant girls or love watching so themed Hentai, then I can not think of anything much better than the Bote Bara DX masturbator.

Yes, the price is a bit high with close to 190 USD and the shipping itself as well due to the unnecessary large box BUT if you can fork out this amount of cash, I would say go for it as you can not find much better at the moment. Perhaps wait for a sale if the price tag makes you worried.

Rating 9/10

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