Review of the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Hole by otonaJP

I am excited about this review. When the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Hole masturbator came out last year, I was not at first, cause I thought that this is mostly just fan service and these tend to go wrong at times. In case you did not know, Projekt Melody is one of the largest VTubers worldwide and THE face of VShojo if you ask me.

HOWEVER… time was passing by I saw that the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Onahole was the best selling toy at otonaJP for basicially weeks and months straight and I think it still is now, over 6 months after its launch. Having also 67 reviews as of now with an average score of 5 out of 5 stars, is simply crazy and I really started to feel like I was missing out on something.

So here it is, my review of this special piece of Projekt Melody merchandise 🙂

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Box, Packaging and presentation

The box packaging of the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Hole looks awesome. Very vibrant and colourful, with lots of Projekt Melody related stuff on it as you can guess. Also, I love the sexy illustration on the box and the overall design.

Opening the box, we got the usual pack of lube and the Melody Onahole itself in a thick protective plastic bag. One thing that instantly stands out is the strong purple color, a color I haven’t see on any other Onahole I think.

And thats about it at least for the box. However I specially have to mention Melody’s message to the world, or rather to you, who is about to enter her or as she would phrase it, “Ready your cock, pal!”

The Onahole and it’s feeling

Ok, I readied my cock! I am rock hard and motivated. But before we start, lets check her weight and dimensions. A good 420g (0.93lbs) of weight, nothing to crazy and 150mm (5.91in) in length. Pretty standard for a medium sized Onahole or masturbator.

I lubed her up with the Otonatsuyu lotion which is my favorite at the moment and slowly entered in. One thing I first have to say that it is quite tight but in a good way, not the hurting way. The material of the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Hole masturbator feels very smooth and soft and I think that helps a lot.

On the outside, you have those ridges or bars that almost feel like a handle and they are honestly a blessing. Specially when being all lubed up, I have Onaholes that just slip away during the action which is a real bummer when you are close to shooting your load out. Good design choice.

I mentioned that the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Onahole felt quite tight when entering her, however the first part of the internals is a bit bigger, I think that makes it easier to enter. This is then followed by the quite tight part that I really enjoyed as it felt kinda like a strong handjob but also smooth at the same time. The end of the inner tunnel has again a larger chamber which is good to build up some vacuum. It has these dots inside that really feel good on your glans when twisting the Melody Onahole a bit when you are fully in.

Overall I would say that stimulation intensity is medium. There are Onaholes out there who fucking squeeze every last drip of semen out of you the moment you enter and then there are those who are sloppy and soft, so you barely feel anything.

otonaJP found a good middle ground with the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Onahole. It can be a good fit for beginners but also more experienced users alike. Cleaning however was a bit more on the difficult side, I think due to the swirls on the inside, so some more care here is needed than with other Onaholes. However I would not count this as something negative as I rather have a good Onahole that takes some time to proper clean than a shitty one that is easy to clean.

Our Conclusion

I really have to say I love the Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Hole masturbator. The presentation and box design is top notch and a lot better than those from many japanese makers. The Onahole itself is fun to use and is uniquely designed. Only downside is maybe the slightly higher price tag at $45 which most likely is due to this being a licensed toy. Those usually do cost a few Dollars more but nothing dramatic. I think that $40 would perhaps have been more accurate but you can always wait for a sale to get yours.

As this being the only Negative I could really find here and for me this not being a big issue, I will give the Projekt Melody Onahole a perfect 10 out of 10 because it is really this good and I have a lot of fun using.

Rating 10/10

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