Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch – Review

Product: Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch Maker: A-one Measurements: Weight: 260 Grams / Dimensions: 146 x 58 mm Link: Shop (affiliate link) Do you know about the gals in Japan? They’re girls who tend to have blonde hair […]


The Curvaceous Perfect Body DX Torso Onahole by Tama Toys

Sometimes, it’s nice to have something to hold onto and push up against as you’re being pleasured. Well that’s exactly what torso Onaholes were designed to provide; and what the ‘Perfect Body DX’ from Tama Toys provides especially well. […]


The Ultimate AIKA Pussy and Ass Experience

If you are a fan of Japanese porn, then you have no doubt heard of the famous adult actress, Aika, and very likely watched some of her films. She is popular for good reason, with a beautiful body and a superb talent for pleasuring men. NPG have released an Onahole that perfectly replicates Aika’s pussy and Ass. […]