Kabejiri (Wall-Ass) Hip Onahole – Review

Kabejiri Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes Review

Kabejiri Hip Onahole Review – A Double-Hole Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product: Kabejiri Onahole (Hip Male Masturbator) – Sku: 壁尻
  • Maker: Magic Eyes  
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 152 x 134 x 120mm / Weight – 1.2kgs
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The KABEJIRI is a compact hip masturbator made by Magic Eyes that allows you to play out a fantasy you probably never even know you had. Allow me to explain… 

Kabe is the Japanese for wall and Oshiri means ass – so by some kind of language fuckery, if you put these two words together, you get Kabejiri (don’t ask me to explain it, I ain’t a linguist). 

Kabejiri Hip Onahole Review by Magic Eyes
The Kabejiri Compact Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes

So what we essentially have here is some wall ass. Or more accurately, a sexy girl’s ass that is stuck in a wall and ready for both of her holes to be abused. Lovely.

If you’ve ever thought up a weird sexual fantasy in your head – no matter how outlandish, unique or crazy you feel it may be – there’s about a 99% chance that some creative Japanese guy working for one of these sex toy makers has dreamt it up before you. 

The Box

The box design of the Kabejiri is surprisingly average for Magic Eyes. It looks like the designer used Microsoft Paint to throw a couple of graphics together that he found on Google Images. 

Well, how the fuck did you get in there?

I mean, the girl ain’t too bad. She’s definitely drawn in a different style to the usual Magic Eyes girls. It looks like they tried to save some money here, maybe. The Kabejiri sex toy wasn’t released too long ago but going by the box alone, you’d at least guess the early 90s.

Oh well, as the famous cliché goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And boy, the Kabejiri certainly counts.

The Onahole

Magic Eyes got the whole stuck-in-a-wall-ass-position down very well here. The angle of the hips is perfect and gives you excellent access to the two penetrable holes. 

The Kabejiri weighs just over 1kg, and it’s actually quite small for a hip. It’s about the size of an open palm. 


The build of this masturbator actually seems quite sloppy, again, especially for a Magic Eyes product. The asshole, for example, looks like it has been fisted by an angry orc. 

A Fuck Burger

It has a nice plump camel-toe that is quite pleasing to the eye but spread it open, and you’ll find the vaginal entrance that resembles something like hot melted cheese that has been finger poked. 

Again, this looks like Magic Eyes have cut costs on design here. But, bare in mind that this is a mid-price-range onahole/hip, so you can’t expect it to have everything I suppose. 

Say ahhhh

I do, however, like the shape of it and the inner bones and tunnel designs seem quite well done. The outer material is very well padded with lots of squeeze and stretch to it, which adds to the fun and keeps things comfortable while balls deep inside. 

The Feel

The bones are to either side of the vaginal passage, and you can feel them a when you penetrate, in a good way. They apply some pressure to your cock and keep the tunnel snug. Each time you thrust, the bones slightly shift to the side and then slide back into place as you pull out.

Kabejiri Hip Onahole Review by Magic Eyes
Inner “Bone” Structure

Other makers have attempted to add similar kind of ‘bone’ structures to their toys, but they often fail to make them work. Sometimes they just get in the way, or cause or pain than pleasure with protruding hard bits poking at your meat wand. But the Kabejiri successfully incorporates them with a devastatingly stimulating effect. 

Kabejiri Hip Onahole Review by Magic Eyes

The vagina feels great overall, and the Kabejiri’s crazy assortment of ridges combined with the bones, provide some epic penis pleasure. 

Kabejiri Hip Onahole Review by Magic Eyes

There are no such bone structures surrounding the anal cavity, unfortunately. The inner tunnel is made up of a kind of spiralling series of rings. The ass ain’t bad, and it’s nice to have the option, but I prefer the vagina on this toy. 


This really ain’t bad at all for the price. It’s a tad small, and that’s why it is cheaper than an average-sized hip masturbator, but it packs a punch. The stimulation, especially in the vagina with the bone structure is exquisite. 

The only bad thing I can really say about the Kabejiri is that it might not be a long-term toy, what with the size. I can see it melting apart after a few months of hard use – but, fuck, those few months of WALL ASS will be plenty of fun. 

The Kabejiri is Available here 

KABEJIRI Hip Onahole


  • + Great stimulation, especially in the vagina
  • + Bone structure actually works
  • + Fairly cheap for a hip 


  • – Quite small for a hip
  • – Durability is questionable
  • – Cheap-looking (but strangely unique) box design

Rating 9/10

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