On this page you can find a list of all known Japanese Adult Toy and Onahole Makers. We try our best to keep the list as accurate and updated as possible. Many Makers and related Companies in Japan seem to put an effort into hiding themselves due to heavy regulations for Adult related Content in Japan. That results in a few major makers not even having proper Websites or Social Media channels (at least not open to Consumers). Any additional information is always Welcome.


One of the biggest makers in Japan with countless releases. They produce Onaholes in every price range as well as Lubricants, Inflatable Love Dolls and even Costumes for them. Mostly focused on Anime Goods.

Based in Tokyo in the Ueno District which is close to Akihabara as well.

Website: http://a-one-tokyo.com/

Enjoy Toys

Large Maker in Japan who also has activities overseas. Beside Hentai Anime inspired Onaholes and products they also work together with famous Japanese Porn Stars such as Yuna Ogura to create their Original Onaholes.

Based in Shinjuku Tokyo and founded in 2011.

Website: https://enjoytoys.co.jp/


One of the heavy hitters of the Japanese Adult Toy Business. They are home to the successful Puni Ana Series. They produce Hentai Anime inspired Onaholes as well as a wide range of Japanese Porn Star based masturbators. Lubricants and other Goods are also within their range of products.

Based in Tokyo as far as we were able to discover.

Website: we were not able to find one strangely

Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/EXEadulttoy


Very popular maker in Japan. They have only released Hentai and Animation based Onaholes and Products so far. Beside masturbators they also do Lubes, Dolls and even Maintenance Goods. Their products are known for a very high Quality and Artworks by popular Japanese Artists.

Based in Tokyo and founded in 2012.

Website: http://www.gpro.jp/

English Version: http://www.gpro.jp/english/top.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gproject_info

Hot Powers

Known for their popular METEO material and unique line of Products. They also were the first company in Japan to ever do a Collaboration with an Overseas retailer, which was otonaJP. As far as we could find info on them, they started off as a Retailer with an actual brick and mortar store and moved their way up to become a manufacturer themselves.

Based in Chiba which is a prefecture close to Tokyo and founded in 2004.

Website: https://www.hotpowers.jp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hotpowers

Magic Eyes

Some of the finest. They are behind the Mouth of Truth series which are hands down the best blowjob Onaholes you can buy, specially in their price range. Also the countless Sujiman Kupa Holes have come out of their Factory. The quality of their products is incredible high and their box artworks are among the best. Beside Onaholes they also produce Lubricants, Dildos and anything Fun to play with you can think of.

Magic Eyes is based in Tokyo.

Website: http://magiceyes.jp/

Website: https://twitter.com/onaho1992


One of the definitely bigger makers in Japan. They almost entirely focus on Anime themed Adult Toys and have been releasing high quality products for Years. Some of their true Classics are Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 or the Taimanin Onahole series. Beside Onaholes they also produce Lotions, Dildos, Supplements and much more. Their website surely is one of the nicer ones when it comes to Japanese Adult Toy makers.

Based in Tokyo.

Website: https://www.pxpxp.jp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/papipupepo_ppp

Ride Japan

They are popular for their inexpensive but very durable Onaholes. They release new products pretty much every month and often even several products within such. So far they have been Hentai and Animation themed. Beside Onaholes, they also released a few lubricants of Good Quality.

Based in Tokyo as far as we know. Their website however is quite secretive when it comes to Company Information.

Website: http://ridejapan.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RIDEJAPAN2011

Seiraku Toys

Seiraku Toys, same as XTC Japan which you can also find below, is not an actual company from Japan but a “made up company” by Dutch retailer Motsutoys. This is kinda sad as it feel dishonest and does trick people into believing that they are buying something from Japan or a Japanese brand which in fast is not true.

Whether or not the toys are good or not is another story but as for many of us Otakus and Japan fans, being genuine is important and we here at onaholeblog.com do not appreciate “knock off” brands which Seiraku Toys as well as XTC Japan seem to be sadly.

As this brand has no actual existence or presence, there are also no links we can share here.


While many Adult Toy users might even not know what an Onahole is, most People on this Planet have heard about Tenga. They became popular with their Cups, their Tenga Cups; also called Ona Cups (an Onahole in a Cup). Their Angle is rather Their products often look very stylish and well designed and can sometimes even be mistaken for some well designed piece of Furniture or Art. Their products are carried by many major Adult Toy Shops around the World and they even have Stores in Major Japanese Cities.

Website: https://tenga-group.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TENGA_PR

Toys Heart

They have been around since a long time and are the Home of some of the Classics such as Seventeen and the Virgin Age Admission Series. For many Onahole Fans a Toys Heart Onahole was their first since they have been featured in countless Blogs and Reports about Japanese Sex Toys. They produce mostly Onaholes but also Lubricants, Anal Toys and more. They have also developed the famous Onatsuyu Lotion which is one of the most popular ones among Onahole users overseas and in Japan.

Based in Saitama Prefecture Japan and founded in 1983.

Website: http://www.toysheart.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToysHeartShop

XTC Japan

We did invest quite some time to look into who or what is behind XTC Japan but it appears that same as for Seiraku Toys, this is a brand that only Motsutoys from the Netherlands sells and that those are toys that are Made in China. Nothing wrong here if something good is made in China but it seems that the name, XTC Japan, does fool people into believing that this a brand from Japan which in fact is not true.

So in fact, we suspect that seller Motsutoys created this brand but is trying to hide that it is them who produce the toys. In my honest opinion, it would be much better to just say that they produce their own toys with XTC Japan which is basically a great thing instead of pretending to have some Japanese brand onboard which seems to be a lie, for as it seems, a lot of blogs or people fall. Reason for that we guess is mostly that there are a lot of Fans and Otakus out there who only buy genuine Japanese stuff and appearing as a Japanese brand, therefor makes sense to them economically but doesn’t really help to built customer trust we feel.

Since this “brand” doesn’t have a website or X account which is obviously as it is a made up brand, there are no links we can share here.