Our Review of the Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole by Toys Heart

A new Onahole from Toys Heart is always a good thing and I was excited to write this review today of the new Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole. There is also a Level ninety-nine Natural one, making this a mini series or perhaps the start of a completely new series for Toys Heart.

Before we get started, I also wanna show you this cool little Introduction video that I found online.

The Review sample of the Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole by Toys Heart was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The box and presentation of the Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole looks typically Toys Heart and I am sure that if you would show me the Box, without any Logos on it, I could still guess who is behind this piece of rubber happiness.

The Onahole itself comes as most Toys Heart products in a nice plastic blister, giving it some good protection. In addition, a small pack of lube as it is standard which in case of Toys Heart, is their famous Onatsuyu Lotion.

Thats also about it, no goodies or other stuff in the box.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

The outside of the Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole to be honest looks very standard, nothing too interesting or appealing. Toys Heart usually does it this way and personally I am a fan of this approach as I feel that Onahole with too many gimmicks on them, tend to brake easier.

The weight is pretty standard at 340g or 0.75lbs the length is about 160mm which is 6.3inches.

As the Level ninety-nine Excite is a double layer masturbator, we have nice red, flesh like looking internals. Using it, gave me instantly this Toys Heart feeling. I think that many of their Onaholes have a very similar inside and are made in a similar way. You definitely feel that you get what you paid for but there is also nothing too exciting about it.

After having it used for multiple sessions, I am very torn apart of what to think about it. The stimulation is nice but overly intense. The visuals are good but nothing special. Just perhaps, the Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole is the Toyota Prius of Onaholes. You do not buy it for the excitement but it gets the job done.

Washing and overall quality is on par for sure, we also wouldn’t expect anything else from Toys Heart.

Our Conclusion

The Level ninety-nine Excite Onahole by Toys Heart is a very sold product. Nothing special but a very solid toy that will give you a lot of fun for a relatively low price of currently 30 USD.

Are there better and more exciting Onaholes out there? Yes there are but specially if you are on a budget, you can not really beat this as you get a good Allround Onahole of high quality.

Rating 7/10

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