“Innocent Legs” – The Leggy Sex Doll by Tama Toys

Innocent Legs Sex Doll by Tama Toys

Tama Toys have recently released a realistic ‘waist down’ sex doll that is sure to appeal to those of us with a foot and leg fetish. Let’s take a closer look at this excitingly lifelike sex doll.

I love myself some feet, especially cute and small Asian type ones. Big feet are great too, but there’s something about small feet that makes my cock stand at attention.

My favourite thing is to playfully pull socks off feet with my teeth before teasingly licking and sucking on each toe, and then slowly licking my way up the legs.

Thankfully, the good people at Tama Toys Japan know that there are people like myself who can’t get enough feet and legs – And so they make Onaholes that cater to my perverse sexual needs.

Their latest release – “Innocent Legs” – is one that I am very excited about.

Just look at her cute little toes waiting to be sucked!

Innocent legs is essentially a complete ‘waist down’ sex doll possessing a waist, lower back, gorgeous legs and cute feet.

She has a bendable ‘skeleton’ that enables her legs to be moved and manipulated around yourself, a pillow, or anything else, and which can also be used to prop her up into your favourite position.

Innocent Legs can be dressed with panties, tights, socks and skirt to really have fun undressing and playing around with her.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Japanese sex doll if it’s characteristics weren’t as realistic as possible. In addition to her cute feet and lovely legs, she also possesses a nice tight pussy and an even tighter asshole to plunge your cock into.

Just like a petite Japanese girl

With the Onahole manufacturing powerhouse – Tama Toys – behind her, you can be sure this sex doll is highly durable and of great quality.

And with her lovely little toes, legs, pussy and ass to play with, every inch of Innocent legs is just waiting to be licked, spanked, fondled and fucked.

Innocent Legs is available now from the Onahole specialist Otonajp.com

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