Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch – Review

  • Product: Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch
  • Maker: A-one
  • Measurements: Weight: 260 Grams / Dimensions: 146 x 58 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Do you know about the gals in Japan? They’re girls who tend to have blonde hair (or lighter colored/alternate colors like pink), long nails, lots of jewelry, wear short skirts, expose their cleavage, maybe tan, be promiscuous, and very open to try different things, like anal. So you’ll have lots of fun doing anal with this gal onahole, Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch.

The Box / Packaging

The box is simple with a picture of the sexy big titty gal whose focus is you doing anal with her. They really want you to focus on the anal part as you can see her vagina is covered on the box. Interesting enough, there’s no pixel censorship in Japan for anuses like there is with vaginas. Anus isn’t considered “sex” according to Japan’s laws so that’s why you can see anal AV with no censorship.

Inside the box is the onahole that comes wrapped in plastic and protected by a hard plastic shell. There’s also one unmarked packet of lube.

On the outside of the box is this this image showing the insertion of a man’s member going into the onahole, if you needed directions on how to use it.

The onahole is normal looking and at 14.6 cm (5.74 inches) long its a little on the small side. While on the small side the onahole makes it up with the tightness of it, after all it’s meant to stimulate anal sex. You can go pretty fast moving the onahole up and down as it only weights 9.17 ounces. Combining the tight stimulation from anal and the light weight onahole that you can move at piston speed, you can be sure you’ll have a very enjoyable time with it.

Although there’s a vagina on this onahole it is purely for looks as the only hole is the anal portion.

The color of the onahole is pink compared to the normal flesh color. It doesn’t do much for it since this onahole is meant for anal.

The material of the onahole is very durable and firm to make sure you keep feeling the squeeze and the constant piston motion you use won’t wear it out anytime soon.

With the way its designed the cleaning won’t be too hard as its mostly a straight forward path through the onahole.

The Feel

Like I said earlier, this onahole is built for anal. So when you enter the small hole you’ll immediately feel the squeeze. Couple the small entrance with the ribs in the entryway and you’ll instantly start to feel the pleasure. Make your way in and you’ll feel the squeeze all around you from the folds then you reach a another ribbed area just for the tip to feel the pressure and folds. You’ll climax in no time from this great combination of tight folds, ribs, and squeezes from this onahole.


The Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch onahole is a wonderfully small and pleasurable. It’s also sold at otonaJP at a great price too. With such bang for your buck from this durable onahole you’ll get tons of use out of it and feel great knowing you didn’t spend a whole lot either. It’s a good feeling to know yourself and your wallet are happy. Enjoy this sexy gal’s anus today.

The Anal Kaikin!! Gal Bitch can be bought here.


  • + Tight inside
  • + Easy to clean
  • + Great price
  • + Pleasure all around


  • – Might be too small for those more well endowed
  • – Would be nice if the vagina could be used too
  • – The color would be better as nude
  • – Plain outside

Rating 8/10

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