Tamatoys is launching a Keijo!!!!!!!! parody onahole

It feels like this took way too long, but the parody masters at Tamatoys have finally jumped on board last season’s top anime butt-battle series Keijo!!!!!!!! Right down to the logo! I’ll stop yelling now.

Ah, the ‘ol ‘adjusting swimwear’ pose is such an underappreciated thing.

Due to launch next week, Tamatoys’ Ketsujo!!!!! is an anal onahole (obviously) designed to capture the intense feeling of… fucking a girl’s arse as she’s thrusting it towards you with tremendous force? Sure, why not. Promising a high level of tightness, the onahole will latch on with countless ribs before ending with a jagged end zone.

Sounds fun!

Shame it looks like something that melted in the microwave though.

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