Our Review of the CAUTION ! Tight Hole Onahole by Toys Heart

A true classic for our latest review today. The CAUTION ! Tight Hole Onahole by Toys Heart has been on the market since 2013, impressive 11 years. Recently however, Toys Heart updated the very controversial box art to something more, let’s say…..custom friendly. Before we proceed, here below, a screenshot of the old box art.

I guess you can see what the issue is here

While this controversial box art was loved by many, it was also feared by many and on forums you can find tons of comments recommending to have the packaging for this removed at any costs, same as with the old box of the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo (maybe we write about that some day as well).

In Japan, as far as I could find, this old box art is still sold. I could not find out if the “new” box art is only for the overseas market or if they just keep selling old stock in Japan until they move completely to the new box art. Seeing recent development with credit card companies and the controversy with DLsite, my guess is that they will abandon the above for good.

But enough with the introduction, let’s get to it.

The Review sample of the CAUTION ! Tight Hole Onahole by Toys Heart was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The box of the CAUTION ! Tight Hole Onahole by Toys Heart is quite small but designed very colorful with strong colors such as red and yellow. I personally like the overall design and the box is well made in my opinion.

Above, we already talked about the changed box illustration and the new artwork is quite cute and resembles the Virgin theme well. While the product is called CAUTION ! Tight Hole by most sites or shops, Toys Heart translates it to “Warning against the narrow hole!” on the box. I have seen this being used as well but the first one however seems to be more common, so I will stick with it.

Opening the box of the CAUTION ! Tight Hole, we are greeted with the Onahole itself, which is quite small and a little pack of Onatsuyu lotion. That’s it, nothing more. However, at this very low price point and as I would consider this definitely a budget Onahole, this is understandable.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

The CAUTION ! Tight Hole is made of a clear translucent material and is quite small itself as mentioned. At just 95mm (3.74in) in length and 36mm (1.42in) in width, when opening it the first time, you think, how the hell do I get in there. The relatively low weight at 80g (0.18lbs) is no surprise at these dimensions.

The inner tunnel is clearly visible which makes my job explaining it a lot less hard. It’s a spiral with with ridges that goes almost all the way down the CAUTION ! Tight Hole. I think what Toys Heart aimed here for is to make it as tight as possible, to give you the full blown virgin experience.

I have seen people comparing the CAUTION ! Tight Hole as well as the already discontinued Virgin Age Admission Hard to the Dark Souls video game series, and if you have played these games, you know what I am talking about.

Whatever you plan on doing, I recommend to make sure you have enough lube at your disposal. I personally are using about three times the amount of lube I would do with a regular Onahole with the CAUTION ! Tight Hole. It helps a lot to get in and ease the pain of entering her tight and inexperienced little hole.

Once you are in however, in my opinion, you are in for a treat. I really like that intense spiral rubbing on my hard cock. The experience is so intense that you almost feel no difference in the variosu stages of insertion. It’s like you are going from 0 to 100 km/h in no time which is fun, but can be overwhelming at first.

Durability wise, even mine showing some tears after about 15 uses, I have to say that I am positively surprised. I have to say however that I also do take good care of all my Onaholes and toys and do my best to maintain them well.

Cleaning is a bit of a bitch here but with some care can also be done easily. The CAUTION ! Tight Hole overall being so small, helps a lot here.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for some Virgin Sex experience and are on a tight budget, or perhaps just want something handy, which is also easy to hide then the CAUTION ! Tight Hole Onahole by Toys Heart is an excellent choice and I can see why they are keep producing this thing after 11 years.

With a price point of below 10 USD and a low profile when it comes to weight and size, it is also the perfect addition to any order from overseas to make sure you are using that valuable shipping space wisely.

Rating 8/10

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