Onaholes and Sex Toys from Japan are great, but getting them is not easy. Local shops in most countries (including mine) do not sell them and if they do, then the selection is so limited that you almost never get what you were looking for.

This little guide is here to help you to find the right place for you to purchase. All the shops mentioned here have been used by me personally. There are shops that are out there that I did not include in this list for reasons (not satisfied with them) or simply cause I did not try them.

(This guide will be updated by me if something important changes or new info comes to my knowledge)


OtonaJP from Japan has a special place in my heart. It was where I bought my first onahole about 2 years ago and I have been loyal ever since. Obviously.  I’ve used other shops too, but I have been most satisfied with them. They offer a very friendly service and when I asked them if they would support my blog idea they immediately said yes, even at the time I had no idea and like “Zero” visitors. But to stay with the facts, here is the info that is important for you.

  • Big selection of over 2300 products
  • New products are all 10% discounted and they add new stuff at least every week
  • Very competitive prices, usually the cheapest or close to
  • Lots of payment options including PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin and Sofort Banking which is cool for all Europeans
  • Good shipping options with various speeds, starting from low prices and all packages have tracking
  • Free-of-charge package removal if requested via the comment form when placing an order. Also wrapping in black plastic on request, all free-of-charge
  • VERY Discreet shipping by default. Company name being MUF also helps as the name is not associated with any adult related content. Here are pictures from their website.


This is the only shop in this list that is not located in Japan. They are located in Germany and this is a big plus for European customers. While you surely pay more with them, the big advantages are fewer shipping costs for the local European market, no taxes (no risk of any custom officer seeing what you bought there ^^) and you get your stuff super fast since its local European shipping. The only downside is their limited offering which I guess is due to the fact that they have most of things in stock and ready to be shipped.

If you look for something they have and you live in Europe then you should really consider them. In fact, adding taxes and shipping from Japan they are also not really costing more than the other Shops in Japan.

  • Local Shipping from Germany within Europe with no added taxes
  • Free Shipping within Europe from 80 Euro
  • A small but good selection of popular Onaholes
  • Friendly and personal service

J List

J List is a shop that I often see in Forums mentioned, they are based in Japan. They’ve been around basically as long as the Internet has, but their main focus is on Anime and other fun stuff from Japan. For someone looking mainly for adult toys I feel that there selection is quit limited and once sold out, they rarely re-stock. However, the shop is trustworthy without a doubt.

  • Prices are very high, sometimes even double from otonaJP or others
  • Shop is long in the business and therefor well known and reliable
  • They charge an extra 5 $ for package removal which I think is insane, others do that for Free 🙁
  • Payment possible via PayPal and Credit Card
  • Good Shipping options with various speeds, starting from low prices but no all packages have tracking (the cheapest options do not have)


From what I know NLS was one of the first shops to sell onaholes and Japanese adult toys to overseas. Located in Japan, they also operate a Japanese web shop which seems to be big in Japan but orders from outside Japan can only be placed at their designated english store.

  • Good prices, not always the cheapest but prices are ok. One thing though that really made me feel bad about their prices are the following two things.
  • Very big selection of items
  • The prices in their Japanese Shop are lower than in their english shop, even the Japanese shop includes the Japanese consumption tax of currently 8%. As foreigners can not order from their Japanese store I feel that this is unfair to charge non Japanese more when we are already have the high shipping rates from Japan (which is not their fault)
  •  Make sure to place your order and pay it in Japanese Yen. Check currency rates online and do the math but their USD prices are much higher and you loose money there, even when considering the PayPal exchange rates which are not too customer friendly themselves
  • Shop is owned by a big company and seems to be reliable
  • With all honesty but the english on their website is horrible and it mostly looks like it has been translated with google translate or something. If you need info you might need to get it form somewhere else
  • Payments only possible with PayPal
  • Fewer shipping options than others as they do not offer the Small Packet option that other shops have. In fact it means that specially for smaller parcels you pay more with them and for bigger packages over 2kg they only offer Express options like DHL or EMS and no normal Airmail Parcel which can become a problem if you are on a budget