Our Review of the Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole by otonaJP

It’s been almost a month since my last review but today, we got something super special. At the time of this writing, its about a week prior to the release of this Onahole and the nice people at otonaJP reached out to us last month, to send us an exclusive review copy (actually two of them, but later more about this) of their latest EPIC collaboration with Hot Powers.

I do not wanna sound biased here but the theme of this new Onahole, is right up my alley but without further ado, lets get into it.

Today we review the Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole which is a parody item, based on the Cutie Terry from SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy , one of my favorite games from one of my all time favorite developers. Let’s get started!

The Review sample of the Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole by otonaJP was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The box is a standard size for items from Hot Powers and a bit different from the size that otonaJP usually uses. The artwork on the box is truly fantastic and the packaging of the Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole is honestly some of the best I have ever seen.

The box looks so vibrant and cool, I am ever considering framing it. Apart form this, on the box, you find the standard stuff like size and weight, how to clean it and some further corporate info.

Opening it, we are greeted with the Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole itself as well as a small pouch of quality lube. Nothing to write home about, but enough for maybe 1-2 uses.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

The Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole comes in at 300g (0.66lbs) which is not too heavy but is the sweet spot for a good standard sized masturbator in my opinion. The overall length is 150mm (5.91in) and while otonaJP says that the firmness is Regular, I felt it to be slightly on the softer side. Also, I really like this strong red color, which almost feels a bit translucent.

As with many Hot Powers born items, the Heroine Battle Deluxe as well has those ridges on the outside that I truly LOVE. They make it so so easy to get a good grip on the Onahole, even when fully lubed up and all slippery.

I actually was send two review samples by otonaJP, so I took the liberty to cut one open and take a picture of it to better show you how the insides look. If this is something you like seeing, comment below and I will try my best to do this more often from now.

Right from the tight entrance, you have a ribbed spine that goes down all the way in the Heroine Battle Deluxe and it gives a very nice and even stimulation, no matter how deep you are in. Being on the softer side, it was just the right firmness for me and due to it being super super stretchy, I had no problems with the overall dimensions, despite having a western sized Dick.

Cleaning it out, is no problem at all but as the entrance is quite narrow, I would be careful and perhaps using one of those sponge sticks that you can buy from Japan.

Our Conclusion

The Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole by otonaJP really hooked me. I think it is one of the most exciting products that I have tested here on the Blog, or even used in my long standing career of using Onaholes and Toys for self pleasure.

Even if you are not a Gamer and perhaps even have no idea what the Heroine Battle Deluxe Onahole is based of, it is still a very fine product which is also not too expensive at just slightly over 30 USD at the time of this writing.

In my honest opinion, you really can not go wrong here and I would recommend getting one while available, not to risk of it being discontinued like the Sexual Squeeze Onahole that they once offered.

Rating 10/10

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