“Tsururin ko Asoko” by Kiss-me-Love, The Pocket size Hip Onahole we didnt know we needed.

Kiss-me-Love have release a small size hip onahole, Tsururin ko Asoko (つるりん娘 あそこ). This product weights about 400g and its dimensions are 1050×100 so its very tinny. Just look for yourself!

She comes with two tinny holes to get that sweet pleasure.

If there is anything that worries me about this product is the stretch and the durability. The fact that this has two holes it will need to have that elasticity specially if you are going to use both holes, I’ve used small onaholes before and the sensation isn’t all that great. However, KmL (Kiss-me-Love) might have nailed it with this product.

The inside of the onaholes isn’t all that special, just your standard masturbator. I think that the selling point is how compact and easy to put away this onahole is.

If you are interested in getting Tururin ko Asoko you can get her now on OtonaJP for a very affordable price! Click here to see this product.

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