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This is the kick off to a new kind of category in which we review shops that sell Onaholes, in Japan or overseas. Today we are having a look at ecchitokyo who have been active since 2023.

It seems that they are located in Tokyo and the brands they are carrying are G-Project, PPP and EXE only which seems to be a bit weird. They however claim to be the ONLY authorized seller of these brands which by default already seems to be untrue, due to the fact that many other shops, do carry their brands officially. So what to think about a shop that starts their messaging to us, their customs, with a lie?

When they started it was Free shipping worldwide and even custom fees pre-paid on them. First I thought WOW to he honest but the experienced buyer realised after 5 seconds that they just added enormous shipping prices on top pf the product prices, effectively hiding shipping prices within the product prices to then claim that you offer Free shipping. After a while, they shifted to Free shipping over $100 but not for “Large/Heavy Products”. Same game here again, total bullshit and nothing to write home about. Total dick move if you ask me but let’s look at the reality.

Their total prices are above otonaJP and kanojotoys which usually are the cheapest while still carrying a very very limited line of items due to them being connected to only the above three mentioned brands, G-Project, PPP and Exe.

I placed two orders with them to Europe. Both of them were shipped quite late but after some hick ups with customs did arrive. The first problem is see here is that at the time of writing this, there seems to be no discreet shipping whatsoever. The item names are plastered all over the invoice, giving instantly away of what I ordered.

While I am not much of a shy boy myself, this is a huge NO GO for most people and even while I do not care too much, I much rather order at a shop where my privacy feels protected, specially when it comes to buying Sex toys from overseas for Gods sake.

Except this, there is really not much to say honestly. I got what I ordered but I got it for way more than what other ships charge and I got it with Zero privacy.

Our Conclusion

I am sorry to say that but ecchiTOKYO gives us zero reason to buy from them. Customer service seems to have no knowledge about the items they are selling which after some research, made sense to me as they seem to use some all in one platform for e-commerce which also offers customer service, so you literally write with people who have no fucking idea what you want from them.

The whole, free shipping charade which now is free shipping over a certain amount but not for particular items is just not transparent and bullshit. Showing the prices honestly to customers would be much appreciated.

I got what I paid for but as mentioned, it was not discreet at all. Together with my other talking points, I feel that I can not recommend ecchiTOKYO in any way sadly.

Rating 2/10

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