Our Review of the Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon Onahole by CooLP

I think this if the first review ever here at onaholeblog.com for an onahole from CooLP. The brand seems to be relatively new and related to Hot Powers which the included pamphlet also shows.

So this is a review of a handheld Onahole that comes with not 2, not 4 but 6!! little Titties/Nipples on it. Not sure I ever saw something like this before, I remember the Chichikabe (if I recall it correctly) a long time ago that had also multiple Titties all around. But enough for now, let’s get started!

The Review sample of the Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The box is a standard size and the same as most Hot Powers Onaholes, probably cause they are related or perhaps even the same company. The artwork on the box is stunning, even if perhaps a little scary. I mean who would put out their Dick in front of a Giant Dragon with sex Titties.

The Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon Onahole itsrlf comes in a simple plastic bag, no blister or anything. We also get the usual small pack of lubricant and a little Flyer, explaining “God knows what” about Onaholes and their company.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

This is were it gets interesting with the Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon Onahole. The outer design is dominated by those 6 little perky Breasts which are fun to touch and play with. However, due to the overall size of this handheld Onahole, do not expect any Oppai action beyond the Gimmick of feeling them while holding it in your hand.

The Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon Onahole has a good weight with it’s 425g or 0.94lbs and the length I measured was 146mm which is just about 5.7ish inches. As for the firmness, I would say that the Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon is a bit on the harder side, reminding me somehow of the Virgin Age Admission Hard by Toys Heart which has been discontinued already.

Some people called it the “Dark Souls” of Onaholes and everyone who played the games, probably knows what that means. Being ready for Dick to be crushed, I lubed it up with a good amount of Otonatsuyu lotion from otonaJP which became my new favorite recently. Thanks to that, I did not have a hard time getting in. Once in though, the intensity really surprised me and I came after about 30 seconds, Lesson learned.

In my second session I was more careful and did stroke only very lightly, not trying to quick shoot again. Man, those bumps that go throughout the inner tunnel are really intense but I love it.

As to the harder firmness, you can not pul it inside out and you shouldn’t try, I however had not too much of a hard time cleaning it but I am also an experience user, I mean after all, they do not call me the Masturbation Club Manager for nothing.

Our Conclusion

The Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Ferragon Onahole by CooLP is a real beast. The package and character artwork is awesome, the single layer built is solid and the intensity, almost Dick breaking stimulation it gives is unmatched for me personally. I mean, are there better products out there that can torture your Dick? Yes there are but you have a hard time finding them at the low price point of roughly 27 USD as at the time of this writing.

Rating 9/10

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