Our Review of the Puni Ana ROID R by EXE

The Puni Ana ROID series has been the bad child of the very popular Puni Ana series by EXE in the past years and with this review, we are about to find out how the new Puni Ana ROID holds up.

The Review sample of the Puni Ana ROID R was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The box is quite small to be honest but feels very sturdy and protective. It has all the necessary infos on and shows the basic infos. The illustration of the Puni Ana ROID R is by maruku as with all the Billion Puni Ana Onaholes out there. A small manual as well as a USB-C cable is also included but except that, there is not much to say to be honest.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

The Puni Ana ROID R is electric powered which means that you have to charge it. This is easy to be done via the included USB-C cable that you can hook up to any USB power source.

The look and feel of the device itself is not too appealing, considering the cute artwork on the box but what really matters are the inner values, right?

The design of the Puni Ana ROID R Onahole is open which means that it will wrap around your pecker rather than taking all of your member in. While this definitely suits people on the larger side, it also means that you have to be careful as when you shoot your load, as then it can potentially splash out all over your room, or hand, or bed, or table…..you know what I am getting at I think.

The inner layer which seems to be not replaceable is quite soft and feels good, as for cleaning, since the design is open, that is not an issue and as for durability, I have not encountering any issues so far which is also common for open ended Onaholes and masturbators.

The Puni Ana ROID R Onahole itself has 7 different modes which means that with the press of the button that has the spinning symbol on it, you can switch between those mode. As the only other button is the power button, chances that you get it wrong are low.

As for the modes themself and how they feel, I have to be honest and say that it is nothing too special. It’s almost like getting a handjob while watching a football game, something left, sometimes right and something up and down but in the end, the feeling that someone or something is playing with your ock does not change.

Our Conclusion

The Puni Ana ROID R is a solid electric powered Onahole that does what it is supposed to do. I feel using it is just like someone playing around with your dick and trying to jerk you off in a very romantic and non intense way.

I found the Puni Ana ROID R to be pleasureful as a gimmick and I like chilling on my Sofa with a cold one in my hand, watching some sports or TV while the Puni Ana ROID R masturbator is giving me a light and thoughtful pleasure.

Rating 8/10

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