Our Review of the G-19 Reality by Toys Heart

This is our first review in a while and we are proud to be back in the game. From now on, please ecpect more regular reviews of the latest Onaholes as we have secured supply for review samples from our friends over at otonajp.com. So without further ado, let’s dive into it!

The Review sample of the G-19 Reality was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The G-19 Reality by Toys Heart is quite a new Onahole and has only been released a few weeks prior to this writing. As alway with Toys Heart, the box looks nice and high quality but I do feel that it is thinner than the ones of older products, probably saving on cardboard. However what we are looking here for is some fun, so the thickness of the box should not be too much of a concern.

With the Onahole, we get a small pouch of Onatsuyu lubricant which Toys Heart is famous for. Having the G-19 Reality packed in a nice plastic blister within the box also shows the effort they put in here.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

With just about 370g or 0.82lbs, the G-19 Reality isn’t too heavy and with a length of 155mm/6.1in it also isn’t too long either. However as we know from many Onaholes in the past with Toys Heart, their material is quite good and durability as well as stretchability (is this even a word?) is very good.

I now had the G-19 Reality for about 2 weeks and have had multiple sessions with it. Being a single layered Onahole, it definitely hold its ground and feels like it can take a lot. The inside is mostly divided into two zones. The first one is a nice tight tunnel (wouldn’t expect much different from a 19 year old) with little bumps in it which gave a nice feeling on my glans and shaft. Reaching I would say about 3/4 of the inside, we hit a Uterus chamber which is very tight at the entrance but then nice opens up once you forced your way in.

Thrusting back and forth this way made me cum pretty fast and hard and the intensity was stronger than what I expected from the firmness and overall look of the toy.

Washing the G-19 Reality Onahole was fairly easy due to it’s rather simple structure and handy size. I always use cleaning soap dedicated to Onaholes but this is just me, any light soap may work just as fine.

Our Conclusion

The G-19 Reality is a great Onahole and for just about 27 USD at the time of this writing, I can also not see anything wrong here, specially considering how many sessions I already had with it without any visible tear so far, probably leaving me at about 1.35 USD per fap at the moment with many more to come.

Even with shipping costs to be added, I feel that you can really not go wrong with it and for me the G-19 Reality masturbator delivered exactly what I expected from Toys Heart.

Rating 7/10

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