Go in as deeeep as you can with Toys Hearts “GO IN till the bottom”

Toys Heart is one of the most popular onahole brands for a reason. They usually release real quality stuff and their products are mostly very durable in my opinion. There latest release has an amazing artwork and even I have not yet tried it myself (but its on its way ^^) I really needed to let you guys know about it.

GO IN till the bottom is the name if the onahole and on the box is this super sexy and innocent looking girl, asking you to stick your Di;;; inside her and push it down as deep as you can, till the bottom. For me onaholes also live from their artworks. Lots of onaholes are similar in look and stimulation but a good story and artwork can change so much. But see for yourself below why I am so excited about this one…..doesn’t it look super lewd and sexy ?

Awesome, right ? GO IN till the bottom is now available, here is a link to otonaJP where it is already available.

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