Body Touch!! Nursery Teacher Asuka takes hip onaholes to an adorable new level

Did you know scientists predict that by the year 2020, there’ll be at least one onahole based on every occupation on the planet? Well they don’t, but they might as well. Ikebukuro Toys is kicking 2017 off with a new product based on a nursery school teacher. That’s a very specific thing right there. Not just a school teacher, or a Subway sandwich making teacher – nope. Nursery school teacher.

And it looks incredible.

Titled Body Touch!! Nursery Teacher Asuka, this monster 3.6kg onahole features two holes (guess which ones), a full hip bone structure and it even comes with a pair of cute pink panties custom made to fit perfectly over the onahole.

I’ve never understood why that wasn’t a thing until now!

It’s the stunning character art which really completes Body Touch!! Nursery Teacher Asuka though. That’s why you spend hundreds of dollars on onaholes, yeah?

I’m seriously in love. Not sure why she’s wearing that while teaching, but okay! Also fun fact: the hand puppet is based on Ikebukuro Toys’ logo. Watch out for that hot secret on a Watch Mojo ‘top 10 best onahole box art hand puppets’ video near you.

Body Touch!! Nursery Teacher Asuka is due to launch next week.

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