Magic Eyes release the first ever… wet t-shirt onahole?

wetshirtthanksgoogleIf there’s one worthwhile lesson in life everyone should learn, it’s that you shouldn’t underestimate Magic Eyes’ ability to release completely unexpected onahole concepts. Yeah. Yeah that’s probably exactly it.

The company’s latest release titled Gokusai She’s Wearing a White Shirt revolves around a girl who suddenly found herself caught in a sun shower. And surprise! She was only wearing a white shirt at the time. It’s happened to the best of us.

91xls4r88el-_sl1500_Coming in at a chunky 660g, the ‘shirt’ (now very much see-through) is made of a slightly different material to the onahole itself and permanently attached, acting as an unique grip. I have to wonder how it actually feels though, is it like… slightly squishy or what?

91pzxs1el9l-_sl1500_(I love that it’s literally translated to ‘She’s wearing a white shirt’).

In typical Magic Eyes fashion, the internal design looks to be fairly punishing. Gokusai She’s Wearing a White Shirt features an incredibly thick ridge running along the back wall.

This onahole actually follows the recent release of Magic Eyes’ own Uniform NUDE Cup series – two budget onaholes with different outfits. Are Magic Eyes going to end up releasing an entire onahole-specific clothing line eventually? Is this what they’re hinting at?


Because shit, we can only hope.


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