Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver – Review

Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver Onahole Review – A large and soft male masturbator by Ride Japan

  • Product: Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver Onahole
  • Maker: Ride Japan
  • Measurements: Weight: 700 Grams / Dimensions: 160 x 85 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

If you’ve ever looked at a marshmallow, with its alluring cushiony softness and seductive powdered coating, and thought to yourself that a large one would make a damned good masturbation aid, then apparently you are not alone, because the fine folks at Ride Japan have bought us a large size masturbator that resembles a giant marshmallow.

The Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver is a large-sized and super soft onahole. It has uterus chamber at the very end of the inner tunnel and with a generous 700 grams of soft and stretchy pussy-imitating materials, a flat bottom that allows it to be used hands-free, and an intriguing “Vagina Deep Diver” theme, this toy got me excited from the moment I first heard about it.

I requested that otonaJP sent me one for review as soon as possible, and I had been waiting eagerly since. And, my penis and I were pleased to discover, it is actually pretty good. My marshmallow penetration fantasies have now been realized, somewhat. 

The Box / Presentation

Damn, it’s been a long while since I’ve had a new Ride onahole, and I don’t know why because they are usually very good. They’re well made and do their job of getting you off well – and Ride offers some of the best male sex toy materials in the industry.

The Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver Onahole box is unusual for a Ride toy in that it opens sideways (landscape) whereas they usually come with the standard top opening style. The artwork is done in the same style as most other Ride toys. I think they have their own artist who does the illustrations for most of their releases. Not that that’s a bad thing because the art is very good, but there’s not much to differentiate between toys other than the girls looking a little different. The girl on this box is sexy though and she has some big tits and she’s got her fingers inside herself, so that’s a nice touch.

Once you open the box, you find the onahole resting in a plastic tray, wrapped inside a plastic bag, and accompanied by a small pack of Ride lubricant.

The Onahole

The onahole feels amazing to hold. It’s extremely soft, jiggly and stretchy for a male masturbator, and it’s easy to squeeze – but it has just enough springiness that it bounces back into shape when you release it. 

The material feels high-quality and there’s no strong smells or greasiness on the toy. Most of the exterior of the toy features a spongey texture. I’m not quite sure why as all it does is add to the confectionary, or log cake aesthetics. Maybe that’s what Ride were aiming for? Who knows!

At the business end of the toy, about a quarter of the exterior is smooth instead of textured. There is a large slit and two large protrusions making up the pussy. Nestled within that slit is a small circle that makes up the entrance hole.

While the exterior is a rather unusual mixture of blandness and confectionary you eat around a campfire, the inner tunnel is a complex assortment of nubs, bumps and protrusions. Seriously, there’s all sorts going on in there. You’ll have to take a look at the promotional pictures to fully understand as words alone can’t explain. 

The Feel

The toy is so soft and light, an ample amount of lube is needed before you push inside so that you can ease your way in more easily. Once you’re inside, however, the meandering tunnel and all of its textures and protrusions hit you from multiple angles. The tunnel is tight, but the material kind of expands so that the toy just sort fo devours you. It’s really quite pleasant. 

There’s a chamber at the very end of the tunnel lies behind another small hole. Inside that chamber, the inner walls are textured with an array of small nubs. You can feel it as it pops over and wraps around the tip of your penis on each stoke, but it’s nothing amazing – just okay. There are other uterus-themed toys that do this better. Fortunately, the rest of the tunnel and the mass and feel of the toy itself provides a nice overall stimulation. Nothing inside particularly stands on its own, but everything combined works nicely.  

You can use the toy in hand in the standard wanking style, but it can be a little awkward. I found the best results when I placed it on a flat surface – as it was designed to be used – and applied a little pressure on the top with my hands which resulted in more pleasurable strokes and ultimately a stronger finish. 


The Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver offers a good experience. I prefer the original, harder version personally, but this one will appeal to those who want something for steadier sessions or prefer softer toys – and this is one of the softest there is.

The stimulation is nice, and while the uterus end-chamber is nothing amazing, it does add a little something extra. Using it as a handheld toy can get a little fiddly, but it’s doable. But this onahole offers the best experience when it is used on a flat surface as intended. 

Considering the size, weight, quality and price of this toy, this is easy to recommend to those who want a soft toy – and to those who want something a little firmer, the original is also available and just as good

The Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver is available here from otonaJP (affiliate link)


  • + Flat bottom makes it easy to use hands free
  • + Good quality – Super soft and stretchy materials.


  • – Perhaps a little too soft and gentle for some (they should consider the original)
  • – A little awkward to use handheld. Best used on a flat surface – which means you’ll need one if you want to use it at its best

Rating 8/10

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