La Vie En Roses Maiden – Review

La Vie En Roses Maiden

Review of the La Vie En ROSES Maiden – A Virgin-themed Onahole by Magic Eyes

  • Product: La Vie En ROSES Maiden (ラビアンローゼズ 薔薇乙女)
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 180 x 90 x 75mm / Weight – 630g
  • Link: Shop
La Vie En Roses Maiden
La Vie En Roses Maiden

Hello, my fellow fap fanatics, and welcome to another blog post where we delve deep into the world of synthetic waifu pussy.

Magic Eyes, maybe the most substantial and consistent male sex toy producer from Japan in recent years, have released yet another virgin-loli themed onahole for us to penis poke. The La Vie En ROSES Maiden is the loli edition of their popular La Vie En Roses onahole.

Virgin and Kupa (camel-toe) seem to be their two go-to themes when producing onaholes. Obviously, they’re having success with this strategy if they keep releasing them. Let’s see how this latest release holds up…

The Box

La Vie En Roses Maiden
La Vie En Roses Maiden – Onahole by Magic Eyes

The box features the usual artwork style that Magic Eyes are known for. An anime-style, young-looking girl who happens to be revealing some breast and a glimpse of her panties. The La Vie En ROSES Maiden girl has a pale skin complexion, big red eyes, red hair, and is wearing a silky red dress and white panties. There’s a lot of pinks and reds on the box, actually, I guess to support the rose theme.

Magic Eyes’ artworks and box designs are always quite nice and of high quality, but not my favourite Japanese sex toy style, to be honest. Their unique onaholes themselves are the main attraction for me.

The Onahole

This onahole is incredibly visually appealing and definitely one of my favourite onaholes yet going on looks alone. It features some huge protruding pink lips attached to a plumpy camel-toe that just invite you to enter. 

Spread those big pink lips apart, and peer through the first hole and you’ll find a small chamber that contains the inner rose. It’s quite lovely to look at, but unless you’re purposely opening up the onahole to look inside at it, you won’t really see it much at all, especially while your balls deep inside it. Behind that rose is another tight hole that is the entrance to the inner tunnel.

La Vie En Roses Maiden
The Onahole certainly looks good

Other than the big pink lips and the camel toe, the outside is rather basic. It’s smooth and is a pink skin colour. The backside of the onahole features buttocks so you can imagine taking her from behind and get a good view of the pink lips from another angle as you penetrate. 

La Vie En Roses Maiden
The Magic Eyes logo on the side

There’s a big Magic Eyes big logo stamped on the side on this onahole. I’d rather it not be there, to be honest, but it’s not a huge problem. 

The Feel

Pumping the La Vie En ROSES Maiden is a lot of fun to watch simply because of the way the large protruding lips engulf your cock. The visual aspect is substantial and adds a lot to the overall experience of this sex toy. 

La Vie En Roses Maiden
The size of them lips!

The small chamber behind these lips is kind of awkward as you have to feel around a bit to try and find the entrance hole among that rose. As the hole is quite tight, I found my self missing and slipping off to the side a couple of times before I managed to enter. Lubing up this onahole well is necessary, and then you’ll just have to get hard and then take a few stabs at it until you penetrate that tight hole within. 

Entering can be a little frustrating, but it kinds of builds up the anticipation of finally getting inside, I suppose, and at least it lives up to the virgin theme. But, once you’re fully inside this fair maiden, her rose acts as a tight ring that wraps around your cock and is one of the primary providers of stimulation within this masturbator.

La Vie En Roses Maiden
Well, damn

The inner tunnel deeper within is lined with a series of irregular ridges throughout a somewhat tight tunnel. It provides some excellent and snug stimulation once inside and combined with the visual aspect mentioned earlier, it’s a real pleasure to fuck. 


The La Vie En ROSES Maiden can be a little awkward to penetrate at first and might be an issue if you have a below-average penis size – A longer than average johnson would undoubtedly enjoy this onahole. Also, slipping out can be frustrating, as then you have to try and get back inside. 

It’s made from Magic Eyes’ usual high-quality materials, so you can be reasonably confident that it is durable. The inner tunnel is difficult to clean without some kind of stick to get inside, so I recommend using one of you acquire this toy. 

Apart from the penetration difficulties, it’s a reliable choice if you want a visually stimulating onahole that also provides good physical sensations to your johnson. If you have a virgin-cherry popping fetish, or you just want something unique and fun, this Maiden’s tight rose should do the trick.

Available here

La vie en ROSES Maiden


  • + Visually Stimulating Onahole
  • + Good overall sensations
  • + Looks great


  • – Rather difficult to enter. Could take some practice.

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