Flickers Choice onahole – Review

Flickers Choice by Ride

  • Product: Flickers Choice
  • Maker: Ride
  • Measurements: Weight: 325 Grams / Dimensions: 160 x 70 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

When you think of a woman’s vagina you also think about the clitoris. How you flick it around with you tongue and flick it with your fingers. With this onahole it’s not the clitoris you’ll be flicking and it won’t be with your tongue or fingers (unless you really want to) but you’ll be flicking the many flaps inside with your own member. Enjoy the flicks with Flickers Choice by Ride.

The Box/Packaging

The box is simple a picture of the onahole and the image of the girl who you’re flicking. Interestingly enough the girl is flicking herself in the image. I guess its to give more eye candy to the user. The name Flickers Choice is in katakana, which means they’re borrowing words from another country for the name, in this case it’s English speaking countries. I understand the name although the word “choice” implies you can choose what you want to do with it. I guess you can choose to flick your finger in the onahole rather than your member but I don’t see the fun in that.

The onahole comes wrapped in plastic and no outer plastic case shell to protect it. There’s also a one time use “virgin lotion.” I’m sure there will be virgins using this onahole too but there will be experienced users like myself who aren’t virgins using it. Unless it’s inferring the onahole “girl” you’re using it on is a virgin and needs the help of the lube then it makes sense.

The back of the box reveals the flaps you’ll be “flicking” with your member. As you can see you’re be going through nine flaps, every other flap alternating sides, and the flaps are closer together as you get closer to the closed end of the onahole. The closeness is designed to let you feel the flaps more so at your more sensitive tip while the rest of your members shaft feels the other flaps surrounding it.

The onaholes outer design leaves something to be desired. The onahole is supposed to be a vagina onahole but the shape makes it seem more like a peachy buttocks designed for anal. I’m not quite sure about the little indention’s either in the middle. It’s designed for grip but the look of it seems off putting. The color is OK but a nude color would be better, especially if they were trying to design it in the shape of a buttocks.

The length of the onahole is good though, even for longer than average members as the onahole is 16 cm (6.3 inches) long.

The entry hole itself is shaped like its for anal rater than vaginal. I did appreciate the wider opening for initial entry though as it made it easier to put in.

Although the design is great for your member, it’s not so good for cleaning. With all the flaps and little grooves everywhere inside the onahole you’re going to spend some time cleaning it to make sure it’s hygienic for the next use.

The Feel

As demonstrated by the picture above with the finger, your member will be feeling the flaps all around you as you go in and out of the onahole. While going in you’re going to feel the flaps hitting the sensitive head, giving you a wonderful ecstatic feeling. The shaft is hit by the flaps with little grooves on each of them that rubs against you to give even more ecstasy. While coming out you’ll feel the flaps again hitting your head, though more on the even more sensitive bottom of it that leaves you feeling even better than going in. With the flaps still hitting your shaft while going out you’ll be left feeling good all over and you won’t ever feeling like pulling out.

The onahole is soft and can easily be gripped, especially with the little indention’s in the middle of the onahole helping you to hold it.

There’s no special end cavity at the farthest end of the onahole as you’re relying more on the feeling of the many flaps lined up inside.

Flickers Choice can be bought here.



  • + Numerous flaps to wrap around your member and to hit your members head to feel extra good
  • + Many grooves to for every inch of your member to feel happy with with every in and out motion
  • + Easy entry hole
  • + Good for even those with longer than average members


  • – While the inside design is great the outside isn’t in terms of looks
  • – Nude color would be better
  • – Needs a vagina shape to look more realistic
  • – Hard to clean

Rating 7/10

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