Our Review of the Rumble Hole Onahole by otonaJP

Are you ready to rumble? Well I am! The Rumble Onahole is one of the latest releases by otonaJP as of the time of writing this here and it is definitely an interesting theme which I can not remember i ever saw so far. Female Wrestling is big in Japan and has many fans. I remember there was a game even on Xbox called Rumble Roses if I am not wrong which I feel reminded of here.

The Rumble Hole Onahole surely has some tricks up its sleeve and comes also in a very well equipped box, again something I have not seen before with any other Onahole or even larger Hips. So lets find out together if my high expectations are met in this review.

The Review sample of the Rumble Hole Onahole by otonaJP was provided by otonajp.com

Box, Packaging and presentation

The box of the Rumble Hole Onahole is quite big and made of thick cardboard. It feels very premium and protects everything inside very well.

In addition to the Onahole itself, we get the usual pouch of lube which, for a large Onahole such as the Rumble Hole, only gets me through one session usually. As for most Onaholes, the description of what comes in the box would end here but not so with the Rumble Hole.

otonaJP added a Dry Stick and Cleaning Sponge to it. This is, in my honest opinion really something as the Dry Stick alone, usually costs around 10 USD or more. In my case it was a PVA Stick but I am not sure if this is always the case. When it comes to Dry Sticks, I do not really prefer one over the other as I believe that both the traditional ones, made of diatomaceous earth and the softer PVA ones, have their advantages. And then we have the Cleaning Sponge which usually sells in a set of 5 or so only, so I would put this value at perhaps 2 USD or so. So all in all, great value in addition to the Rumble Hole Onahole itself which also can be used with other toys, very practical.

The Rumble Hole comes with Lube, a Cleaning Sponge and even a Dry Stick. Pretty cool and great value.

The artwork on the box is colorful and of high quality, I really love those thick thighs and Big tits that she has and while I can not keep all the Boxes of my Onaholes due to space issues, the Rumble Hole Onahole one definitely is a keeper and will find a nice and cozy place on my shelf.

The Onahole and it’s feeling

The Rumble Hole Onahole is Big, I mean really Big. At 810g (1.79lbs) of weight and 173mm (6.81in) in length, it surely is in the category of large masturbators. Holding the Rumble Hole, you feel the weight and meatiness that it comes with.

Next, let’s talk about the outer appearance. The entrance has some nice plumpy Pussy Lips which are a joy to play with and I personally like rubbing my cock on them. We also do have a small Anal hole which however, at least I believe so, can not be penetrated and is only there for the looks.

I feel that the overall design of the Rumble Hole Onahole resembles a muscular body and the navel hole is a nice little addition and adds the the realism and overall fantasy.

But enough of this for now, lets get to the good part, the insides. As the overall size would make you guess, the Rumble Hole can even take larger member in with ease. I saw on the box picture that the first part has those wave like ribs which feel very good. I personally used a little less lube from my second use to get a better feeling of the insides and fount it to be very stimulating. Pushing deep towards the end, your Dick will find a smaller and tighter chamber which builds up a nice strong vacuum with the right technique.

As the Rumble Hole Onahole is made of a single layer material, I found it to be very durable. I personally prefer Onaholes that are single layer over those with multiple layers, except for Breasts perhaps. Reason is that they tend to be easier to clean and also live longer, but this is just my personal preference.

Cleaning was not too difficult but I would recommend to be a bit careful around the entrance. Here, the Cleaning Sponge really comes in handy and I will perhaps order a bunch of them at some point.

Our Conclusion

As for our final conclusion I would like to say that I leave the Dry Stick and Sponge Stick out of my review mostly as you have already noticed perhaps. They are great value which definitely will add to the final score but this is an Onahole review and not a review for Cleaning materials.

So what can I say? The Rumble Hole offers a very good experience in my opinion. It is big and meaty, comes with enormous value and additional goods and has a price of just around 40 USD as of the time of this writing. The box is super high quality and if you like collecting, then this is one of the best ones out there at the moment.

To me, the Rumble Hole is a steal and has great value. It reminded me of the famous Lolinco Virgo which is an all time favorite by me and maybe, just maybe, the Rumble Hole can even replace the Virgo over time.

From me, the Rumble Hole Onaholes gets a definite recommendation and I like where otonaJP is going with their own products.

Rating 10/10

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