Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type – Review

The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type Male Masturbator by maccos Japan Product: Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type Maker: maccos Japan Measurements: Weight: 400 Grams / Dimensions: 155 x 78 mm Link: Shop (affiliate link) It’s a hot and […]


Ju-C 7 Onahole – Review

Ju-C 7 – A Stimulating Handheld Male Masturbator by G-Project Product: Ju-C 7 Onahole Maker: G-Project Measurements: Weight: 285 Grams / Dimensions: 160 x 55 mm Link: Shop (affiliate link) Hello, my fellow horny people and degenerates around the world, […]

Dokusen Nikukan Exclusive Touch - Review

Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch – Review

Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch – A Young Japanese Lady Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes Product: Dokusen Nikukan – Exclusive Touch Maker: Magic Eyes Measurements: Weight: 550 Grams / Dimensions: 170 x 70 mm Link: Shop (affiliate link) So this […]