Puni Ana DX Kiwami – Review

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Onahole

Review of the Puni Ana DX Kiwami – A hip onahole by EXE

  • Product: Puni Ana DX Kiwami
  • Sku: ぷにあなDX “極”
  • Maker: EXE
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 280x280x150mm / Weight – 5700g
  • Link: Shop

If you know anything worth knowing about the world of onaholes, you’ll know that the Puni Ana range by EXE is one of the most acclaimed male masturbator series from Japan.  

The success is probably due to the combination of great artwork and box designs, and high-quality, full bells and whistles, masturbator toys. Some of the best toys I’ve had the pleasure of burying my pecker in have come from the Puni Ana range. 

The series features some of my favourite artwork of any Japanese toy manufacturer. A blonde lolita girl who appears in various body shapes and ages depending on the toy she is representing. She’s cute, often curvaceous and beautifully drawn. 

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Onahole
The Puni Ani DX Kiwami – Hip Onahole by EXE

The toy we will look at today is the new Puni Ana DX Kiwami (here) by EXE. 

This is is the upgraded, weightier version of the successful Puni Ana DX (here), and the smaller lower-torso version of the Puni Ana Miracle DX (full-torso); so it’s somewhat of a mid-tier option from the Puni Ana series. 

The Box

The Puni Ana range box designs have always been one of my favourites. The artwork is done my Maruku, who is quite popular amongst onahole aficionados due to his unique style and the appealing characters that he draws. 

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Hip Onahole
Gel-filled buttocks

The DX Kiwami box features the usual blonde-haired, green-eyed, young beauty from the Puni Ana series, but she is quite curvaceous here with huge tits. She is baring her pussy and ass for all to see and she seems to be covered in some type of liquid that looks an awful lot like jizz. Nice!

The colour scheme is quite good, and the box would certainly stand out in a store. There’s also the usual photos of the toy and inner tunnels as well as information in Japanese.

The Onahole

The Puni Ana range might very well play a large part in Japan’s falling birth rate. Seriously, EXE puts a tremendous amount of work and experience into making these toys as fun as possible. No wonder the range is so prevalent both within and outside of Japan, and increasing in popularity.

The toy comes in a large plastic tray and with a pack of ‘excellent’ lubricant.

The DX Kiwami is a lower torso ‘hip’ masturbator with vaginal and anal holes that are both penetrable. It weighs a massive 5.7kgs of soft and squashy lolita rubber with an inner silicone ‘hip bone’ that gives it some structure, and gel paddings in the buttocks that provide them with some squish factor. That’s a whole lot of sex toy. 

The hip looks good with a soft-pink skin complexion, shapely hips and buttocks, a chubby cute tummy and a small camel-toe with a large vertical slit that makes up the vagina.

5.7kgs of lolita

Spread open the vaginal lips, and you’ll find a dark pink chamber that contains a tight pink hole. It looks magnificent, and it’s enough to get your penis stirring from its slumber. 

Open up the anal hole, and you’ll find an even tighter passage that looks like a typical asshole, but clean, pink and unspoiled from years of defecation. This hole also looks inviting and will have your member prodding in your underwear and attempting to find some space to stretch.

The Feel

I decided to try the vag hole first. The weight of this thing is beneficial when you sit down and whack it on top of your cock. Once you’re lubed up and inside, it just slides down your shaft, and all you have to focus on is lifting it back up again and enjoying that sweet Puni pussy. 

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Hip Onahole
The pink hole that wraps around your cock

Smash action is possible with this toy which just isn’t possible with less weighty hip options. The inner silicon ‘hip bone’ structure inside does its job by keeping the toy stable while you’re pumping away. 

The sensation within the vaginal passage is quite nice and snug, but not too overstimulating. The ability to go hard and grope at this toy is where the real fun is. 

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Hip Onahole
The vaginal tunnel is made up from a separate material that offers a different feeling to the anal passage

So, the pussy is gooood; how bout dat ass?

I decided to try the anal hole standing up. It took a bit of effort and lube to get inside as the entrance was so tight. It creates a stimulating ring around your cock as you penetrate, which both feels good and looks great.  

Good luck getting inside the DX Kimami’s anal hole if you’re not too hard, but by the time you do manage to get inside, cock hardness will not be a problem.

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Hip Onahole
These ass cheeks are real fun to grab due to the gel filling

The anal passage is tight and stimulating throughout. Combined with the weight of the toy, the gel padding buttocks and the soft skin, you’ll have one hell of a time pounding away at her anus and groping her loli ass. 


The Puni Ana Dx Kiwami is a hip masturbator that is built on EXE’s previously successful Puni Ana toys with the sole intent of being fun. It’s just pure pleasure, from the box design to the toy itself. 

You might be a bit sceptical spending a large amount of money on a sex toy, but after experiencing this one, you’ll most likely be pleased you did. Both holes and the overall experience is fantastic, and aside from going for bigger full torso toys, you’re not going to find much better at this size and price range. You get a whole lot of toy for what you pay for with extra trimmings that are more than just gimmicks. 

The Puni Ana DX Kiwami is kind of like the onahole equivalent of a Rolex watch or a Ferrari sports car – Sure they’re more expensive, but you’re paying for the luxury, quality and the experience – and boy, is it a good experience with the DX Kiwami.

Available here

Puni Ana DX Kiwami


  • + Weighty and High Quality
  • + Smash Factor
  • + Looks and feels great


  • – A little frustrating to clean due to two separate tunnels
  • – A little costly, but balanced out by the quality of product

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